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GAMMA RAY - Sigh No More



1. Changes     
2. Rich and Famous     
3. As Time Goes by     
4. (We Won't) Stop the War     
5. Father and Son     
6. One with the World     
7. Start Running     
8. Countdown
9. Dream Healer     
10. The Spirit     

Release Date:  23 September 1991 - Noise International



"Experimental horizons"

The new family of Kai Hansen was already known by the debut "Heading for Tomorrow" and it could not be a better beginning. But nobody could imagine what the next album would be like. In the mind of lot of fans, Gamma Ray were a parallel step of Helloween. Wrong thought, only some similarities. Kai wanted to express a feeling totally strange, actually more like an experimental one. That kind of album was and still is "Sign No More". Yet it is a power metal album, but much beloved by open minded listeners.

The band consisted of members, who were not only able to follow that specified vision of Kai, but also able to leave their personal sign on it. Uli Kusch, one of the best drummers in power metal till today had an interesting playing in each song, whether he had to do with an up - tempo or a mid - tempo one. Ralf Scheepers, according to me, had done his best perfomances in this album after the debut. Even in "Insanity & Genius" he was not as perfect as in here. For example in the song "Father and Son" he shouts an ultrasonic scream, that is difficult to catch it.

If in "Heading for Tomorrow" you could find hiden elements of Judas Priest and Helloween, in here you will not find out them. Of course there are elements from glorious bands, but from the side of hard rock. You feel the main riff of "Start Running" so known and yet so powerful being played on that fast way. We could say that there is an ispiration from Thin Lizzy. What about "As Time Goes By" or "We Won't Stop the War"? There the spirit of Urian Heep is alive, so much that you realize how much those kind of bands were a huge affect for power metal in the '90s. That was the music freedom Kai wanted to follow and till today is regarded succeded. You can still think of Rush through the notes of "The Spirit". Without any doubt one of the best songs in the album.

The bobs on the songs show clearly the diversity of power metal in a different and yet strong album. May every musician has the right to do whatever wants with his music, to change roles, taste new styles, whether the fans approve of it or not; but this face of Gamma Ray, that power freedom from "Changes" to "Dream Healer" is being missed. However this album will be a monument through the years!


Points:  10 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood



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