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1. Get on with the Action
2. Change Me Up
3. OughtoGraugh
4. Your Love’s a Runaway
5. Stealin’ My Love
6. Let’s Rawk the Nite
7. Addiction for Love
8. Idolize Me
9. Rock Back to the 80′s
10. You’re Gonna Dig on It

Release Date: 11 September 2011 – AOR Heaven


Attention !! Sweden is coming. Again a big throw of a swedish band, Grand Design offer their second album. And it is even better than their first one „Time Elevation“ from 2009. For every band it is difficult to publish their second album cause you will be measured everytime with your debut. But this will be getting better with your next albums, guys !

The band around Pelle Saether is paying homage to their idols Def Leppard here. We can hear that in every single song. First I thought I would have chosen the wrong album for my player but this songs are more rockin’ and powerful – well done. A great homage for one of the biggest rock bands in the 80′s.

Pelle Saether – Vocals
Peter Ledin – Guitar
Dennis Vestman – Guitar
Anders Modd – Bass
Richard Holmgren – Drums

The album starts in full force directly with „Get on with the Action“. Really powerful with a great chorus. The song „OughtoGrauph“ remembers a lot to Def Leppard’s „Photograph“ but that doesn’t matter. Cause the songs are brilliant arranged. You will find out that the band really knows how to play and inserts that effective.
„Addiction for Love“ is a wonderful ballad…I like it a lot…and so is „You’re Love’s a Runaway“.
And with „Let’s Rawk the Night“ the band created a smasher that invites you to band your head.

„Idolizer“ is a real good album. More powerful and more rockin’ as the debut. Those who like 80′s rock and especially Def Leppard cannot do anything wrong with this album. As a fan of that times you should have this record in your racks…it’s worth buying it.
Cause that I for myself always liked early Def Leppard this is a perfect album for me. The only thing that I am missing is the one big bang song that would crown the album at highest rank.


Points 9 / 10

Review by Angel


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