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Grenour - Computer Crime


1. Last Stop
2. Rejected
3. See No Sun
4. Fix your Life
5. Golden Years

Release Date: 2011 – Copro Records



Russian band Grenouer is a band that had to fight in the past years with several line up changes, different music styles and label split up’s. Their debut album lies back in 1996 and with five full length albums the band can look back to a long way with lots of experience. What was pure death metal first changed to core with industrial elements, modern metal and progressive sounds.

The newest output is a 5-track-release called „Computer Crime“ that was produced an mixed by Anssi Kippo who also worked with bands like TO/DIE/FOR, Omnium Gathererum or Malpractice.

Current Line up:
Ind – Vocals
Motor – Guitars/Bass
Arbue – Guitars
Coroner – Drums

The opening track “Last Stop” appears with modern layed guitars , clean vocals and progressive sounds. In the refrain the band works with echoes. The guitars are played a little distracted like we know it from industrial bands. The vocals of Ind are warm and clear in higher spheres. Catchy and sometimes complex. Good song for modern metal dance floors.

“Rejected” opens with a strong bass orientated part combined with deep timed guitars. Sometimes for me the vocals sound to friendly, more power behind would be a nice thing. No guitar solos, no wall of power, typical for modern metal. But the band points with their progressive vibes that we can find in some breaks.

Atmospheric, relaxing start in “See no Sun”. Acoustical, dreamful guitar and the warm vocals are the base here. Progressive Rock track inspired by bands like Porcupine Tree. In the middle a harder and crazy break appears. A riff combined with grunts. Only to continue then with the journey to happiness.

Back on more metal track we are with “Fix your life”. Guitars as we know it from bands like Green Day, Soilwork or sometimes newer Sepultura. But over all there are the clean vocals sounds that takes away brutality and aggression. Modern Metal as we know it.

Interesting percussion part at the beginning of “Golden Years”. Again a more relaxing, swinging song. Far away from any metal sounds. Friends of alternative progressive sounds will like it. Smashing Pumpkins could be named here as influence. Doesn’t hurt anyone….only the strange snippet in the end.

Grenouer changed their kind of music a lot in their career. Now they stopped at alternative, modern metal and progressive music. This mini album can be spread in two parts. The more heavy, alternative metal dancefloor parts and the relaxing progressive parts. Not bad, but not new at all.

I am curious about their next full length album.

Points: 6,5 / 10

Review by Kerbinator