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HALLOWEEN - Terrortory



1. Traipsing Through the Blood
2. At the Gates
3. Terrortory
4. Images Quite Horrible
5. Her Ghost Comes Out to Play
6. Caught in the Webs
7. Scare You
8. Not One
9. Darkside, Inside
10. Re-Inventing Fear
11. I Lie Awake
12. Hands Around My Throat
13. Say Your Prayers
14. Where Is Michael?
15. Dead on…
16. Into the Afterlife

Release Date: 24 February 2012 – Pure Steel Records


That the well known pumpin head on the album cover looks a little more evil, has nothing to do with a new musical direction of a famous german metal band. Cause “Terrortory” is the brandnew album of the american Halloween (with the “a”).

They delivered us the genre milestone “”Don’t metal with evil” back in 1984 and since that they are classified as legends of US power metal. But the band around front siren Brian Thomas didn’t reach a real breakthrough in the last 28 years. Nobody knows what’s the matter about that. If “Terrortory” – the first album in 6 years – would ask this question, so I would answer: Cause the quality was not good enough.

Sure…the traditional sound (with light tendencies to thrash) has some good moments (“Images quite horrible”), (“Darkside/Inside”) – but all in all there is nothing quite stringently. Even though american-power-metal-stuff fans will disagree.

If the dinosaurs would have shortened some of the crowded 72 minutes and designed the sound more compact, “Terrortory” would have won really more in quality.

Fans of this genre can exult anyhow.


Points: 6 / 10

Review by Michael Klein
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