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HELLRAZER - Operation Overlord




01. Hellrazer 03:24
02. Raging Seas 05:55
03. Enemy 06:22
04. The Hunting 04:19
05. Ironheart 06:01
06. Operation Overlord 05:08
07. Burn in Heaven 05:08
08. The Phantom 01:14
09. Death or Victory 05:34
10. Rise of the Machinse 07:06

Release Date:  2013 – Dust on the Track Records


The first thing that I thought if I saw the album artwork was: „My god, is this from a second row computer game shooter ?“. Then I realized the bands name, Hellrazer and the album title „Operation Overlord“ and I awaited nothing more than nothing.

And after that the band showed me that I was completely wrong….

Hellrazer is appearing from canada and as far as I know this is their second full length album.

With „Hellrazer“ the album starts in old tradition ways like we heard and loved it in the 80′s. Straight and pure heavy metal with brilliant hooklines and riffs to die for. But first when the vocals of Dr. Z appear you think that he is completely out of the musical line. The more often you listen to it you will find out that those vocals really fit to that kind of music.

Every song, every music line, every riff, every bridge are total rip offs from legendary songs of 80′s heroes.One time you find an Iron Maiden memorial bassline, the other time you some attitude like Running Wild owned it in their highest time of work.Songs like „Iron Heart“, the title track or „Death or Victory“, there is no cliche Hellrazer will exclude. In one song you will be totally reminded to Judas Priest in their time when Point of Entry and British Steel were published. Everything on „Operation Overlord“ remembers to songs, that have been heard and loved before.

But !! You will put the album on rotation on and on and on. Cause the music is brilliant played, the songs are catching massively your ears and cause you are not too old for old school.

If you can agree with the vocals of Dr. Z you will find a jewel of historic music offered in 2013.

Meanwhile I don’t know how much spins this album had on my players. And that is the only thing that counts if you listen to music. And so it doesn’t matter if there are parts or even complete arrangements that had been heard before. Music has to float through your veins and kick you. That’s what happens to me if I listen to „Operation Overlord“.

Old school metal at it’s best. Give it a listen and love it or hate it !! Nothing between….

Points: 9 / 10


Review by Kerbinator.



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