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HERETIC - A Time of Crisis



1. The Divine Inquisition
2. Tomorrow’s Plague
3. Betrayed
4. Remains
5. A Time of Crisis
6. For Your Faith
7. Raise Your Fist
8. Heretic
9. Child of War
10. Police State
11. The End of the World
12. Let Me Begin Again

Release Date: 26 July 2012 – Metal On Metal Records


…and another legend of the 80′s is back. Heretic, the band that offered the meanwhile classical album „Breaking Point“ in 1986 and an EP before, starts another attack now with the brandnew „A Time of Crisis“. With original founder Brian Korban and again with Julian Mendez on vocals the band is appearing here and today in a nearly classic line up. Heretic worked in the past with well known persons like Mike Torres (later in Abbatoir) or Mike Howe (Metal Church) and can look back on great touring with bands like Motörhead, Metal Church, Armored Saint or Saxon. Lot of experience is coming with that, and so Metal on Metal records is rising this jewel out of the ashes…

After a short instrumental intro called „The Divine Inquition“ based on guitar and piano the album explodes with „Tomorrow’s Plague“. Great riffs are fired through the speakers, in best thrash style.
Julian Mendez is a perfect power shouter who remembers sometimes a bit to David White of Heathen. The song spreads a lot of power. Excellent drumwork pushs it and not at least in the amazing guitar solo the musicians show their experience. Full power, always forward…no reason to look back.

„Betrayed“ starts with a huge heavy riff. Midtempo with highest heaviness rules the song. A trademark of Heretic is the guitar solo parts in between every song. Sometimes twisted, sometimes song orientated with harmonies. A thrash cracker in best tradition.

Nice bassline in „Remains“. Doom elements appear in this track. Metal Church or even Candlemass come in mind. Julian is performing part time clear, part time shouting. It makes you feel that the vocalist is suffering through this song. Upper class heavy riffing builds a wall of sound again. A guitar solo with wah-wah effects rounds it up as a smasher that is getting faster in the end.

The title track next speeds up with a whirlwind of guitars. A little punk attitude can be heard. It remembers to the thrash institution Overkill sometimes. Korban/Rogers have a lot to do spreading their guitar grenades as fast as a bushfire. Speed, thrash…US Power.

„For your Faith“ opens with a clean guitar line that leads to another wall of riffs. The dangerous six-string saw is cirling. Aggressive refrain with street gang attitude disturb your wishes for a harmonic day. You have to go outside and raise your fists against the lies of the world. The bomb is ready to detonate.

And you have to continue to „Raise your Fist“. This is the perfect song for live action. It needs nothing more than the invitation to raise your fists, like the refrain shouts demand and to bang your heads to the rhythms of aggression and extraordinary shouts of Julian (listen to the last one, and you know what I mean…)

The band pays homage to themeselves with „Heretic“. A two and a half minute speed inferno with hellish screams and guitar/drums race cars from hell. Uncompromising fast…in one direction, no look to left or right.

The start of „Child of War“ strong reminds to a Saxon song of the 80′s. And after that this could be Motörhead’s Ace of Spades in a more speedful and thrash garment. I think Heretic tributes those bands in their own way. Power unleashed….

Attention !! „Police State“….Sabbath orientated riff in the beginning. The song is held more in midtempo power metal US style. The guitars do the talking here. The huge riff is the base and great guitar solo lines fill it up. The vocals are more decoration than standing in front.

And so it came to „The End of the World“. Again with doom elements in best Sabbath tradition first the song moves to a real smasher with a classical guitar line, galopping drums and shouted vocals til the end. There is no chance to flee before the world lies in rock waste and ashes.

And now that the world doesn’t exist anymore the final instrumental tells us to „Let me begin again“. Two minutes of elegian guitars and slower drum rhythms. Now…there is hope again for the world (?)….and the clock is ticking.

Heretic is back, ladies and gentlemen !! „A time of Crisis“ is a perfect statement from a band that is knowing about their history and what the fans expect if they hear the band’s name. Most time uncompromising rooted in thrash and speed metal the music also offers legendary vibes of 80′s US metal. But this is not smelling old-fashioend. Heretic created a contemporary album that fits in today but which not over-produced.

An album for all fans of the band’s first releases and all that are interested in thrash/power metal in highest quality. You can hear out the musician’s experience in every second and this album has the chance to play a strong part in Heretic’s biography and let their fanbase grow. A must have for all metal fans that like their music with power.


Points: 8,5 / 10

Review by Kerbinator




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