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Latest Line Up:



  • Torture known no Boundary (EP) (1986)
  • Breaking Point (1988)
  • A Time of Crisis (2012)
  • Julian Mendez (vocals)
  • Brian Korban (guitars)
  • Angelo Espino (bass)
  • Glenn Rogers (guitars)
  • Ignazio Coppola (drums)

Formed:  1986

Country:   USA




A Time of Crisis



HERETIC is a classic style power/thrash metal band formed in 1985 in Los Angeles, California. The band name was originated by Brian Korban (guitarist and funding member), and became the title of the first song he wrote for the group. Brian also designed the band’s classic logo, and conceived the cover arts for the band’s albums. In the beginning, HERETIC’s line-up consisted of Brian on guitar, Mike Torres on vocals (later in ABATTOIR), Scott Patton on bass, Rick Halpin on guitar and Rick Merrick on drums. With time, Rick Halpin and Scott Patton were replaced by two mainstay group members, guitarist Robert Marquez and bassist Dennis O’Hara.

HERETIC drew a lot of positive attention from a fast-growing LA music scene, and was quickly signed by Metal Blade Records. The group was showcased on “Metal Massacre 7″ (1986) with the song “Impulse”. Soon after, Mike Torres quit to join the band ABATTOIR. Without missing a beat, the band chose a new vocalist, Julian Mendez to replace Torres and shortly afterwards, HERETIC went into the studio to record their EP “Torture Knows No Boundary” (1986).

The band had the opportunity to open for many big name acts, such as METALLICA, MEGADETH, SAXON, MOTORHEAD, ARMORED SAINT, METAL CHURCH, RIOT and THE PLASMATICS, to name a few. With management and label pressures, chose to replace vocalist Mendez with singer Mike Howe. HERETIC followed up with the release of their LP “Breaking Point” (1988). Unfortunately, the group disbanded soon after, due to Howe’s decision to join METAL CHURCH. Brian Korban and Dennis O’Hara regrouped and formed the band REVEREND, with legendary vocalist David Wayne (METAL CHURCH).

Newly reformed in 2011 by the founding member, guitarist and songwriter Brian Korban and vocalist Julian Mendez (who sang on the band’s first release, “Torture Knows No Boundary” EP from 1986), HERETIC and its new line-up is a powerhouse of prominent metal musicians. Joining HERETIC are long-time friends and collaborators, guitarist Glenn Rogers (ex-HIRAX, ex-DELIVERANCE, ex-STEEL VENGEANCE, VIKING and others) and bassist Angelo Espino (ex-REVEREND, ex-HIRAX, ex-ANGER AS ART, ex-UNCLE SLAM, BITCH and others). The final piece to the puzzle comes by way of the thundering drums of Ignazio Coppola (3RD STRIKE).

Since the reunion, the band played several shows, including a 3 dates at the end of July 2011 together with MALICE and BITCH, the New Year’s Eve concert with BENEDICTUM and SEVENTH CALLING and at the end of March 2012 the performance at the Metal Summit festival with 13 other bands.

Still in 2011 the first new songs started taking shape. In writing the new material for its upcoming CD, the revamped HERETIC is sticking to its classic metal roots. Some titles include “For Your Faith” (a song asking why we kill in the name of religion), “Betrayed” (about a friend’s betrayal when pushed to the edge), “Remains” (a song about a suicidal son’s last letter to his dysfunctional parents before dying), and “Police State” (a harsh look at power and politics). In March 2012 the band entered in the Trench Studios with producer John Anthony Haddad (known for his work with HIRAX) to record the first three songs, then in April four further songs were recorded and the final recording sessions will take place at the end of May.

Also still in 2011 the band contacted Metal On Metal Records that happened to be big fans of both HERETIC album and EP. Upon hearing three new songs the label had no doubts that it was going to be a great come back and the contract for the release of “A Time Of Crisis”, scheduled for July 2012, was signed.

HERETIC is looking forward to a busy year, with new and old generations of metal fans waiting to devour their new offerings. There is a feeling of unfinished business with this band, and these seasoned musicians intend to see HERETIC and its music live on.