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INFINIGHT - The Vision (EP)

Infinight get more and more positive reviews and comments for their music. With two full – lengths and two EPs in their package, they build a career with melodic heavy weapons. Their new EP “The Vision” consists of three songs and two intros. The intros are needless to me, but they work more as a musical cohesion to the record. As for the songs, are nice and easy listening with strong choruses and a production that makes the sound as heavy as must be. The song that I distinguished more is “The Vision”; based on a Motorhead rhythm from its prelude to the end. Martin Klein has the strongest performance, while in the other two songs is less dynamic on vocals.

Some EPs are better than any full – lengths; this one doesn’t belong in that category nor will be missed if you are not going to listen to it. I’m sure that a new full – length will be a much more loaded record forced by those musicians.




  1. Hideaway
  2. The Passage
  3. A Loss of Love
  4. Transformation
  5. The Vision

Release Date:  05 July 2013

Label:  Self-Released


Points:  6 / 10

Review by Dr.Feelgood



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