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COLDSPELL - Infinite Stargaze



1. Keep on Believing
2. Solid Ground
3. Raving Mad
4. Eye of the Storm
5. Straight Things Out
6. Night Falls
7. Fade Away
8. Greed
9. Shot Down
10. All I Want
11. Surrounded
12. Infinite Stargaze


Released: 2009 (Escape Music)


The band Coldspell was founded by guitarist and songwriter Michael Larsson in 2005. They are from the land of snow and ice and where lots of amazing bands appeared in the last years…from Sweden. And Coldspell is a huge part of it. The other bandmembers are Matti Eklund (keys), Niclas Swedentorp (vocals), Tommi Partanen (bass) and Tobbe Broströn (drums).

Infinite Stargaze is the bands first album and hit the music scene like a bomb.

It starts furious with “Keep to believing”. Very straight and melodic with the appetite for more.

And you won’t be disappointed. “Solid ground” is a song for the people who like it harder and faster with good riffs and awesome guitar sequences.

And then there is “Ravin mad”. What a hammer ! The best song for me of the whole album. Dynamic, a little bit of breathing dirt and with all it’s changing of tempo only one word…first class !

That’s how a good rock song has to be. “Straight thing” is a song where you cannot do any other thing than move your feet and shake your head.

The more silent song “Eye of the storm” starts with classic sounds before heading to power. Not a usual ballad for sure…but a kind of. And the album moves on with mixes of all that characteristic elements. I could write something about every single song, but the best is…you listen to it by yourself. Coldspell don’t have to hide behind the big names in this genre. The play extraordinary first class Hardrock. Every little thing fits to the main sound. I would even say they leave some well known bands far behind. I can’t wait for their new album that will be published in August and would like to see them live on stage. I am very impressed about that album and hope you will be too.


Points: 8,5 / 10

review by Angel


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