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Interview with Dan Eriksson of INMORIA



Dan, the latest Album „A Farewell to nothing...“ is out now for some months. How were the first reactions of press and fans about this second album ?

    Well so far the press love the new album, some even calling it “a masterpiece“ and that is so awesome. The fans have been in the same direction as the media, they also love the new album and that is what it‘s all about. Of course it‘s awesome to have all the media attention but in the long run, it is the fans who buy the album and come to our shows that are the most important for us.

You could win Soren Adamsen of Artillery as vocalist for that release. How did it come to this alliance ?

    When it was time to record “A Farewell To Nothing“, Charles left us due to personal reasons and we had to postpone the recordings until we had found a new singer. So we put out an ad on the internet and we had about 15 vocalists that got in touch with us and we finally decided to bring along Soren because his voice fitted perfectly to our music. But then Soren also left and we were back to square one again, until this new maniac came along…….Ronny Hemlin.......... which took the music to an even higher level, as some journalists have described it.

         My opinion is that as reason of the work with Soren the album sounds harder and a bit more aggressive than „Invisible Wounds“. Do you agree with that or wasn't it in you plans to create a harder touch ?

    No actually it wasn‘t my attention at all, it just came out like that. When I wrote this new album, the only thing that I struggled with, was to not make it as monotone as the debut album. I mean, on the first one we only have one solo. But you are right that the new one is harder, yes.

Now, this question has to follow:  Meanwhile Soren left the band again and ex Steel Attack vocalist Ronny Heflin substituted him. What was the reason for that ?

Because we all know him personally and because of his amazing voice. I asked him before we headed out on our UK tour last October if he wanted to come along and when we rehearsed then I knew that he was “the one“. So now Ronny has laid down some vocals in the studio on some of the songs from “A Farewell To Nothing“ and the response has been phenomenal. So I am really looking forward to the next album.

You re-recorded some songs of the new album now with Ronny singing. Do you have plans to maybe re-record the whole album or was it just a sign for the fans how Inmoria will sound in the future ?

We will see what happens, but possibly yes……as a special “fan exclusive“ for free download or something. But we have so many things going on right now so we will take the time we need to do that. I am also right now writing a new album so maybe we will stick to that, but I don‘t know yet.

“A Farewell to nothing...“ is also called „The Diary Pt. 1“. Does it mean we can await one or more follow-up's to this?

    Yes of course, as I mentioned earlier, I am in the middle of writing new material for a follow up album to „A Farewell To Nothing“.

7.    There are rumors about a new Tad Morose album with Ronny also on vocals. Do you know anything about it and what does it mean for the future of Inmoria works ?

    I have no clue what is happening with that, the only thing I know is what I read on the internet. I have no worries for any collisions between the two bands.

Back to the album. What is main message behind the concept of „A Farewell to nothing...?

That everything sucks, haha!! No seriously, I am such a complicated person and I basically hate everything that goes on in the world right now and I have my own demons inside of me that I have to control. But it is the same for many people these days, so basically the whole concept of the album is a suicide letter and that is what it is all about……suicide and the struggle within.

 I think the album needs more spins to explore all the details and quality than „Invisible Wounds“. That caused some reviews that see the new album not as strong as the first one. The people didn't take time to listen to it often enough....that's my opinion. What do you think about it ?

    There is a huge change in musical direction between the two albums, the new one is more well thought through but still it has hard-kicking guitar riffs and strong choruses. But the main difference is that it is not so monotone as the debut album and I am very happy with that.  So take it for some more spins and you will be sucked it to the „Inmoria atmosphere“.


       Cause of lesser live activities Inmoria seems more as a project than a real band. Are there any plans to play more dates with the band of is there more focus in studio works ?

    Yes that is right, we didn‘t do many live gigs before and that has its reasons but now after we did the UK tour, more and more gigs are coming up so for 2012 we are really excited because we are going on more tours and so on.

     Bands like Tad Morose, Morgana Lefay and Inmoria proof their qualities over years with progressive arrangements, technical upper class and bombastic sounds. Sometimes it is not easy to say what of these bands is playing cause of the similar style. What would you say what's the difference between this bands ? I mean...some members are involved in the other bands too.

    Well let me say it like this, Morgana is harder, Tad is more technical and Inmoria is the best, haha! No but seriously, there is a huge difference between the three bands and it is only Inmoria and Tad Morose that has some of the same members.

    Personally question:  To what bands are you listening in your freetime and are there bands you think we should know ?

    Actually I don‘t listen to much music in my free time because I also work with music so I am surrounded by music all the time and sometimes it is so nice to just sit down on the sofa at home and enjoy the silence. But sometimes I listen and then it is everything from Bach to Dimmu Borgir, it all depends on my mood.


    Besides the works with Inmoria...are there any civil jobs ?

    Yes, we all still have daytime jobs. But I am blessed with a job that is in the music industry, helping out bands, doing sound jobs and we also have a recording studio.

   What are your favourite songs of the new album and why ?

    I think it is „Blinded“ because that was the first song I wrote for the album. I love it because of its simplicity but still it has hard pounding guitars and a really strong chorus.

    How would you describe the swedish metal scene in 2012 ? Sweden was standing for dozens of high quality metal and rock bands that appeared in the last 10 years.

    Yes, that is right but it is hard to get gigs unless you are bands like Hammerfall and InFlames basically. More and more clubs are closing down so it is hard to find really good live clubs.
It was much better about 10 years ago actually.

       For the new album you signed a deal with Rock It Up / Ice Warrior Records. I think, your music fits perfect to that label that is focused mainly to power metal with progressive elements. Was that a reason why you chose that label for publishing the album ?

    Well Franko at the label contacted me and asked if his label could release the album and I just said yes of course. We didn´t really have any other offers at the time and we really wanted to release it because we sat on a really good album, so he reached us at a perfect point in time.

    A thing that I not understood til now is the album cover. Is there any story behind that artwork or did you just need a nice picture without higher sense for the album ?

If you look closer you will see that on both our albums it is the same girl on the cover, it is just her position that has changed. On the new album she hides her face between her legs and symbolizes the whole concept of the album, i.e. that she has given up and it is time to say goodbye to everything.

Interview with Ronny Hemlin - New vocalist of INMORIA



Hi Ronny, how did it come to your work now with Inmoria ?

When Sören left Inmoria, the UK Tour was already booked and the band would most certainly not let their fans down by cancelling the tour, so the guys asked me to do the tour with them.. as you might have noticed both bands have almost the same members – so I guess I was the one closest to hand.

There are some songs of the new album re-recorded with your vocals. Was it your decision of from the band ?

Well, the Band and I are the same  ... so the decision was by both.

 Does your work with Inmoria also means the definetely end of Steel Attack ?

Steel Attack’s been “On Ice“ now since about 2009 and there’s not much action going on in that camp .... I would definitely like to make another album with Steel Attack some day.... since I’ve put 7 years of my life into that band .... we have talked about from time to time but until today that’s all there is ... TALK. 

 There are rumors of a new album of Tad Morose with you on vocals too ? Can you give us a statement about that ?

Definitely not just rumours ... actually the album is not far from finished and it is entitled REVENANT.

     What do you think is the main difference between your voice and that of Soren Adamsen who recorded „A Farewell to nothing...“ with Inmoria first ?

Wow ... I don’t know ... Sören is an awesome vocalist singing in his own special way, which I hope is also the case with me ... two different Persons with two different ways of singing.

   Any other works in the now of future you can tell us?

hmm... Not really ... working hard with both Inmoria and Tad Morose ... it’s twice a full time job 


Interview by Kerbinator for Metal Fields




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