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KELDIAN - Outbound

It's nothing unusual for great metal to come out of Norway. What is unusual, is for a band to be true to the genre, but be original. Keldian has achieched that with their new CD "Outbound". Very good vocals that in certain parts remind me of Matt Smith from Theocracy. The vocals are clean, harmonic, powerful and show good range. And, who doesn't love some awesome keyboards in their metal? They do a great job of incorporating them as well. Here are a few highlights:

 Burn the Sky - a fun, guitar driven, yet keyboard strong presence that has the feel of a classic Halloween anthem. Great riffs, and harmonies fhat have you singing along.
Earthblood - guitar intro that a classic Dokken line-up would be proud of...even spanish guitars between verses.
Never Existed - a wonderful track full of great guitar work, good lyrics, focusing in our desire to wake up and be someone else in a better life.
 Kepler and 100,000 stars - the chorus of this song is very strong, much like a Dragonforce, yet with clear vocals, easy to understand and even sing along with. The bridge is fantastic as well, leading to a guitar feature that sets up the end of the track quite nicely.
The Silfen Paths - Wow, was the intro to this song written by Pink Floyd? This epic 12 minute track takes the listener through many different parts, each unique...and interesting. And they do a great job of mixing tempos, building crescendos and keeping the listener guessing as to will come next. Great writing on this one!
Run for Your Life - This is a very nice upbeat track that could be considered radio-friendly, clocking in at under three and a half minutes.



  1. Burn the Sky
  2. Earthblood
  3. Never Existed
  4. Morning Light Mountain
  5. Kepler and 100 000 Stars
  6. The Silfen Paths
  7. Run for your Life
  8. A Place above the Air
  9. F.T.L.
  10. Scoundrel Days  (AHA Cover)

Release Date:  31 October 2013

Label:  Galactic Butterfly Records


Points:  8 / 10
Review by Scott Bivins


This is a really good, solid effort and belongs in every metalhead's rotation.
Who would really like this album? Fans of:
Halloween, Iced Earth, Theocracy, Pink Floyd, Sonota Arctica, Dokken

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