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KINGCROW - In Crescendo



1. Right before

2. This Ain't another Love Song

3. The Hatch

4. The Drowning Line

5. The Glass Fortress

6. Summer '97

7. In Crescendo


Release Date:  12 February 2013 - Sensory



“At Fates Hands”

The only truth for the prog metal of 2013 is that Fates Warning release new album and as a result many other prog releases will be followers. But what happens when you have a new record preparing the ground by showing the inspired touches from the prog masters? You keep listening to it and you feel great that hopefully it’s not another album following Dream Theater or Symphony X. I cannot tell you if Kingrow have released their best album, but “In Cressendo” can make you be moved.

The biggest trump of “In Cressendo” is the plurality of the acoustic guitars whether they lead into a strong song or lead into songs that follow steps from glorious bands of the ’70s and stay forever. This proves that Kingcrow want to do something different from the most bands of the genre and yet do something that few musicians have done and succeeded. “Right Before” is the first song that makes sense, especially when its chorus comes and you feel ready to sing it even you don’t know the lyrics. Catchy and beautiful and in the same lines comes “This Ain’t Another Love Song”, where its title says everything.

Although the album has many great songs including the above two, the band wrote a Holy Trio that dwarfs the rest album. “Morning Rain”, “The Glass Fortress” and “Summer ’97″ are by far in the list of the most harmonic songs in progressive generally. The spirit of Pink Floyd, Genesis (keep their song “Entangled” in mind) and Fates Warning (gentle touches from “Inside Out” and “A Pleasant Shade of Grey”) are combined with the prowess of Kingcrow and the result cannot be described with words. Of course the guitars prevail and create a perfect atmosphere in addition to the plurality of the vocal lines.

All those who read our reviews and regard yourselves as followers and lovers of progressive check the album, it is a must and I’m sure that you will be satisfied. Apart from the good and the excellent moments, if there is something that attracts me less this is “In Cressendo” song. The biggest in last from the album and the one that cannot gives to the listener the grace that the other songs do. Small the damage.

Points:  8 / 10

Review by Dr.Feelgood




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