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KNOCK OUT KAINE - House of Sins



1. The Welcome
2. House of Sins
3. Liquor Up
4. Little Cristal
5. Set the Night on Fire
6. Backstreet Romeo
7. Skinstar
8. Coming Home
9. Going down (She goes)
10. Time
11. Somebody save me
12. Moving On

Release Date: 2012 – Dust on the Tracks Records


Knock Out Kaine from the Midlands/Great Britain deserve us first class rock n roll food on their debut album „House of Sins“. The rich production was perfectly tasted on the Chapel studios in Lincolnshire by Ewans Davies.

After a short amusement park intro the brits immediately show us with the title track „House of Sins“ how Rock’n Roll is even in 2012 grooving. Catchy melodies and cool hard rock riffs also form the next songs „Liquor Up“, „Little Cristal“ and the first single „Set the Night on Fire“. Is it knocking now ? Right..cause like this „Backstreet Romeo“ starts which is formed by acoustic guitars. We are swinging across the highway with half gas. With „Skinstar“ the four-piece similar slides toward to the horizon, only to get down in the evening sun with „Coming Home“.
A lard ballad with hit potential that perhaps was being composed for the target group mainstream.

„Going Down“….no, not the level of the album is going down…the next song is called like this.
Boom…the gas pedal is pushed forward again. The following „Time“ is performed by vocalist Dean Foxx in best David Lee Roth style.
„Save me“ is rocking a little through the area to fill the album before „Moving On“, a semi ballad that is silent but not cheesy, is ending the album.

Ok, dear hardrockers….this album surely will taste for you. The metal fans in private will have to find a hard nut to crack with this sleaze-glam-rock mixture.
In the end there is only one question left unanswered….who,in fact, is Kaine ?
Those who know it are getting 10 points…..I will give 7.


Points: 7 / 10

Review by Metalvurry


German Review here:   METAL ASCHAFFENBURG



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