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SIROCCO - Lambay



1. Azure
2. Lambay
3. Fallow Unearth
4. Maelsuthain
5. Tempest
6. An Cheann Ri
7. The Towers
8. Kingdom of Oriel

Release Date: 13 August 2012 – Self-Released


Sirocco from Ireland – Celtic Heavy Metal, so they call their music. Their new studio album „Lambay“ is about the viking invasion of Ireland. A concept album with historical background.
So far…that all sounds good for me, cause it promises fresh elements and innovations. The nice artwork, done by Kriv Verwimp increases the expectations too…

The band around vocalist/bass player Ciaran O’ Cearuill was formed back in 2003 and Lambay is the 3rd full length release.

After a short and playful intro called „Azure“ it starts with the title track. Hard rhythm riffing, deeper tuned spreading some old school metal vibes. The vocals of Ciaran are pleasant and high, mostly clean, sometimes with a little James Hetfield touch. Ambitious song structures claims intensive listening. Definetely no music to listen cursorily along the way. Interesting song, but I awaited more celtic sounds.

Hard but melodic guitar line to open „Fallow Unearth“. Energetic powerful drums of Robert Kiernan push it forward. The guitar arrangements sound like old Thin Lizzy sometimes here. More a hard rock song old style. Peppered with a nice guitar solo this song works good for traditional hard rock lovers. I have to say that Ciaran performs mostly in the line of doom band vocalists (even a bit higher). Clean, mystical, a kind of Ozzy Osbourne without his weepy touch.

„Maelsuthain“ follows starting with a massive guitar wall, melodic and epic. Here the celtic vibes appear for the first time hearable. Gaelic language underlines this. Midtempo song, with some pagan elements.

A short piano interlude called „Tempest“ leads to „An Cheann Ri“. Cool bass line first – the song becomes another epical track with doomy vibes. Again the vocals are as a light Hetfield version.
A celtic dancable guitar harmony refines the song. This again makes it near to Thin Lizzy.

Really heavy riffing starts „The Towers“. A real guitar orientated song. More speedful than before.
But with lots of fine melodies and harmonies. Heavy Rock with epic vocals. Even some Iron Maiden guitar leads we can find. Good song.

„Kingdom of Oriel“ starts like an old Bathory song from the Hammerheart album. But a celtic guitar part tells us that we are not here in Pagan-/Black metal spheres. More another epic based on the roots of Ireland. A little like Primordial with clean vocals. Great arrangements allocating this last song. Celtic vibes meet pagan metal.

Ok…I have to admit that I awaited some celtic instruments in the music of Sirocco. But they play their celtic influences with traditional rock-/metal instruments (guitars/bass/drums). And you don’t hear out that celtic style a lot.
The music is more in the doom and epic corner. Ciaran’s vocals makes it pleasant to listen with his clean and partly warm voice.
You can hear some Thin Lizzy orientated parts, sometimes harder with pagan metal vibes.

Fans of modern metal music – Hand off ! All that love traditional old school heavy stuff, especially from the green island, should risk an ear.
The guys know how to arrange songs. The guitars could be a bit more powerful, but all in all a good heavy rock album with celtic vibes.


Points: 7 / 10

Review by Kerbinator



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