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WIDOW - Life's Blood



1. Lady Twilight
2. Blood in Dreams
3. Take Hold of the Night
4. Another Fallen Angel
5. Embrace it
6. Behind the Light
7. The Burning Ones
8. Live Beyond
9. Judgment Day
10. I Scream for Ice Queen
11. Remebering
12. The One I Know

Release Date: 11 November 2011 – Pure Steel Records


“GM for good music”

2011 is gone, but music never stops being the main face of our daily life and bands never stop recording nice and interesting releases, especially when the atmosphere of memorable days of the past are in the present again. Widow is a band from United States that has completed a decade and four albums are a good sign that this band
has a vision for a longer and harder future.

The new album Life’s Blood apart from the nice and bold artwork has also and a somehow bold material which is easy in listening and has to offer very interesting moments, not in the whole album, but always a few not so interesting moments can never rumple the total image of the album. Actually to express my frankness the first half of the album has the best songs and the second half contains songs that from one side are good, but not too strong to bring the album in higher levels.

The band does something unique I could say, without revealing the fire or the wheel and without imitating any other band. They marriage the sound of US metal with the sound and the clues of NWOBHM. The beginning could not be better as “Lady Twilight” has the
power and the feeling to get into the real atmosphere of the album. But if this beginning is one of the strongest moments then the two next songs are THE strongest moments.

“In Dreams” and “Take Hold Of The Night” have not only fast rhythm, but also smart choruses which can stay in your mind at once.
The work of John Wooten and Cristof Bennett on the guitars id full of passion and will for speed, but they know their limits and when the songs can make you stick on them, just like “The Burning Ones” or “I Scream for Ice Queen” and what helps more the final result
is the production, which shows and the modern techniques on the guitar parts.

I insist on listening to this album and even if you will not like all the album, at least you will appreciate its strength, you will appreciate the thought of the members to play as heavy as they can. Something last and important, sometimes words are not able to describe the image of an album and beyond my thoughts the real matter is how many times I will listen to those songs that really stole my mind.


Points: 8 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood

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