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MANTA RAY - Visions of Towering Alchemy

From the late ’80s till the early ’90s US power/prog created a period of time that no other genre could control that fertility. The main demanded ingredients? Sharp guitars looking at melody as well and vocals reaching God. Unfortunately fate wasn’t fair with all of the bands that begun something important for them. Some band are still out there, some others released some albums, stopped and now they are back and the most unlucky did few things without seeing the light of publicity. Manta Ray are among the lost and unlucky bands.

Thanks to DiveBomb records a record attempt of the band named “Visions of Towering Alchemy” with two extra demo tracks is alive and released, while back in 1989 although the band tried to find a rooftop, there was no label showing any interest. So, why should we pay attention to an EP of the past? Because this EP is what we are used to saying “better than any full – length”. Great guitars carrying a little bit from Queensryche and Fates Warning (Arch era), vocals that do remind of John Arch and Ray alder and yet they are unique; even if some say that screaming makes no difference and that bass. Honestly and with my hand on my heart, this bass is the best I’ve ever heard in any US power/prog album.

All the songs are great, no one is less better than the others. You want melodies, you want heavy moments, you want choruses singing them all the time, whatever you wish. But, that demo song “Guilty” can make you lie on the floor on your knees and sing it so loud. It cannot leave you crass. I’m telling you this, that if Pantera had heard of that song, they would heave covered it. Feel the tension and the feeling in its solo. If you are lovers and not just simple fans of US metal, run for it. There are only 500 copies.




  1. Lords of Atlantis
  2. Until Tomorrow
  3. Dream to Be
  4. Face of Reality
  5. Guilty (Demo)
  6. On my Own (Demo)

Release Date:  04 October 2013

Label:  DiveBomb Records


Points:  9 / 10

Review by Dr.Feelgood



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