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MARAUDER - Elegy of Blood



1. Elegy of Blood
2. The Great War
3. Alexander
4. Warriors
5. Roman Empire
6. Hiroshima
7. Mother
8. Crusader
9. Black Gold
10. World War II

Release Date: 15 May 2012 – Pitch Black Records



“Heavy in Hellas, Metal for us”

Many bands all around the world that are on stage for more than 20 years tried to do great things so that they keep breathing. Some of them didn’t make it and now belong to history, while some others are still alive with a descent discografy on their back. Marauder is that kind of band, that despite the difficulties they have faced, they keep playing music for themselves. Heavy music, mainly in Greece, is alive because of their existence and they don’t make money from their music.

Their new album is called “Elegy of Blood” and it’s a concept one describing important world fights that have changed many global things. Of course that kind of attempt is somehow difficult as you have to work tough, but the final result exonerates them. I don’t think there is a filler in the album, may you find a song less great than others, but this can happen in every album. Moreover Marauder have done again an attempt of a concept album, in “1821″.

Now, what can you hear in the album? If you are looking for modern things, new elements able to reveal the wheel or fire, then you better think of it one more time. You can expect nothing more than pure and wonderful heavy/power metal with all the classic elements of the band. Also if you are a lover of the general German scene you are going to love it. The most certain thing is that you will be pleased by the riffs. Find out the melodies in “Alexander” with a choral chorus, feel the warm in the voice of Alexandros Kostarakos in “Roman Empire” and “Crusader”, in which he does great things. The combination of Andreas Tsaousis and Giorgos Sofronas on guitars can make your day in the instrumental “Hiroshima” and in the unbelievable “World War II” in the begining of which you feel the guitars cutting you in two pieces.

Despite the fact that Marauder have never had the economic priviledge of Judas Priest or Saxon, they have never gave up and I’m saying that on a way to convice you listening to this album and see that those who have the will and the heart are able to offer you greatness. We like and enjoy the new age, but we always admire the classic sound.


Points: 9 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood

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