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1. Predatory Violence
2. Marked for Death
3. Mercy Shot
4. Pillage and Plunder
5. Puppet on a String
6. Parental Love
7. All this Hate in Me
8. Always on the Prowl
9. Kickin’ Ass
10. Devotion

Release Date: 29 June 2012 – SAOL

Another work of bavarian violence is blowing your ears free…
After their first album “Hate Nation”, Predatory Violence come around with “Marked for Death”. Again A.Machine has written his frustration and anger off his soul. Interestingly we also can find some positive energy on this album. Not only the massive and needless destruction of our planet has been dealt as subject, also politicians can be happy to be mentioned. But probably they don’t like to see thrashing fists flying in their direction indeed.
I’m really happy that there are a lot more guitar solos on the new album. What was left to be desired on the first album is developed and designed good and loud now. Ok, you can argue about silent sounds but even the piano sequences are not misplaced.

Personally I am really excited and raise both thumbs to heaven ! Indeed I had to let also this album on some rotations more before I gained access, but I was thirsty offhanded, shocked and I couldn’t deny myself to grin.


1. “Predatory Violence” -  it comes angry and poisonous
2. “Marked for Death” – the one love, the best friend, the ultimate person at your side…and gone. A desperate oath of revenge.
3. “Mercy Shot” – Who wouldn’t pray for the coup de grace, if adversed to daily blood, death and war ?
4. “Pillage and Plunder” – Open you eyes and see ! We take away that much from our planet…and only cause we can do it ! How do you wanna show your kids a tree in the future if tear down the woods today ?
5. “Puppet on a String” – No…we are no marionettes !
6. “Parental Love” – love of your parents look diffently…
7. “All this Hate in Me” – isn’t sowed by me…
8. “Always on the Prowl” – batch of motivation by Predatory Violence
9. “Kickin’ Ass” – don’t be shy…kick ass to pulpify
10. “Devotion” – the dark abyss between abandon and perversity is filled with lust and greed. Dare yourself, close your eyes and I will be your master


Points:  8,5 / 10

Review by Meike



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