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Mortal Peril - Of Black Days and Cruel Alliances



1. Win this War
2. Death to all the Tyrants
3. One more Black Day
4. Raper of Phrases
5. Cry for Yesteryear

Release Date: 2012 – self-released

The underground lives !! Out of the rehearsal room to the stage, playing your ass off and then introduce the world your own creations on a first release. This is the dream of every young musician since the beginnings and so it should be desirable today.

Mortal Peril, a young four-piece coming from Wesseling/Germany, was formed in 2010. They acquired a regional fan base soon and are proud now to show us their talent with an first EP called „ Of Black Days and Cruel Alliances“. The bandinfo tells that the band plays a combination of Thrash Metal (Bay Area) and different other styles like NWOBHM, Punk and Crossover. Here we go…

„Win this War“ starts with a traditional guitar riff. Good refrain, reminds a bit to old Kreator and street gang music. Uptempo track but not too speedful. Pleasant vocals of Jan, mostly clean and not too aggressive. Straight song with a refrain to remember.

With more speed appears „Death to all the Tyrants“. The song points with a great bass play and an interruption with harmony guitars. More crossover shouts of Jan here (hear the shouts only with drums in the refrain). Dirty, with a lot of rage, but always catchy. The abandon of the youth.

Now we find „One more Black Day“. Heavy riff in the beginning moving to a nearly elegian melody before a typical thrash theme appears. The song structure reminds me to Overkill and Jan’s vocal performance is near to Blitz Ellsworth here. Midtempo thrash track with old school vibes and lot’s of breaks. The guitars are coming to the point with easy but song orientated riffing. Bay Area in german province.

Again a traditional guitar riff to open „Raper of Phrases“. Breathes the NWOBHM a bit. A good guitar solo in the middle and the vocal performance reminds to old slower Slayer songs.

„Cry for Yesteryear“ starts silent with another elegian guitar theme. Balladesque moments ? Yes…a kind of. But the song is moving forward to a Metallica-orientated thrasher with punk/crossover elements in vocals/shouts. Also the breaks underline the Metallica vibes in this track. The most diversified song on this album that shows that Mortal Peril already got a high knowledge in playing. Even if you think about the age of the bandmebers and the short existance.

Mortal Peril can be proud of their first release. Sure..there cannot be all golden, but there are excellent rudiments in playing and songwriting. I think they have a chance to get more generally known if the band continues to play their music on stage and improve their own characteristic style.

For me..the band gets and underground bonus point, cause they are worth to get supported.


Points: 7  /  10

Review by Kerbinator


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