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Turtles are all around the world, but the Mother Turtle comes from Thessaloniki (Greece) and her sound is strong and beautiful enough for the sensation that has already been created. Their drummer George spreads every single detail for the band and many other things. Praise the lines...


Mesogios Sea is the home "land" of turtles and Mother Turtle, George, appeared in Greece (the land of Mesogios) suddenly and made many of us, the lovers of the prog sound have turned our eyes and ears to you. Does the band realize what has been caused? 

That's great. It's great to know that your creation has turned eyes and ears into a certain style of music, especially on Prog Rock! Of course all we've ever wanted is to write music to express our feelings.nothing more. 

Tell us how everything began and who Mother turtle are. 

Mother Turtle begun as a jam project. The first two members was me and Kostas (guitars, vocals), then came Kostis (bass) and last but not least George (keys). From the very beginning the chemistry was there, and I mean THERE!!! Everything came up normally so we knew that this band was meant to be. 

You know that nowadays, it's not something slavish for Greece to have prog rock bands. Apart from you there are also Σeptember Code, with an excellent debut and both of you have made great sense in abroad even without performing live your material. What do you accredit this to? 

I think that we know damn right what we're doing! We know what we want to play, and how prog sounds good! Also in the writing process we paid attention in even the smallest detail in our music and that's something that the listener understands. This I think is the key.



Before the recordings of the debut, was the band listening to something specified or you just let your inspiration be the "flesh of your body"? Anyhow, the Fathers of prog sound that are heard in the album make it more unique rather than a cheesy emulation. 

We didn't want to create something that sounds like Rush or Camel! We were composing music and expressing ourselves but of course the influence was there! I think when a musician composes, the way the song or the album sounds is a mixture of personality and influence and that's what Mother Turtle sounds like to me.

How came the thought for the ideally use of Al Pacino's monologue in "God Games"? And behind the front image of the album is there any deep message or thought about anything? 

We wanted to have someone to pray to on stage so we used Al  (hahahaha)

He is the ''special guest'' of the album! The front cover is our beloved surreal rhino in love (hahahaha) 

If I ask you to pick your favorite song from the album, can you do it? And if yes, why this is your chosen one? As I have seen the most people choose "God Games" as the top of the album. Personally, I cannot choose. Each song has something unique. 

It's maybe the hardest thing for me! I adore ''God Games'' of course, especially cause of the AMAZING guitar solo of Kostas! But every single moment of the album is part of my no, I can't choose.sorry! 

The biggest part of the progsters love to collect their beloved albums on vinyls, and right now the only way listening to your album is on streaming (or by the free downloading that you offer). What are the plans for the release of the album on CD and vinyl? 

We're about to release the album on CD soon enough! Then if the thing rolls and we have cash we'll release it in vinyl too.unfortunately it's very difficult financially to do all the things we want, the way we want them!



Any tour plans for this year? Or do you intend to move to your next release in order to have more material in your live shows? 

Of course when the album is available on CD we'll perform it live! We're a live band after all and we can't wait to perform the album live's been a while! There are thoughts about a small Greek tour but we don't have something scheduled yet. 

Many of us listen to ancient masterpieces from King Crimson, Rush, Genesis, Harmonius and the list goes on. so, beyond them are there bands in prog rock from the '90s till today that the Mother Turtle members listen to and admire? 

Of course there are bands that kept the prog flame alive! Porcupine Tree, Spock's Beard, Sieges Even, Sylvan, Glass Hammer and Phideaux to name a few.  

George you're a drummer with a power/heavy metal backround (and you still remain). How was for you to do that different step? And I'm certain that we haven't seen your most technical side yet, right? 

I don't consider myself a power/heavy metal drummer but of course I adore playing and listening to these stuff too, (especially Emerald Sun)! The biggest influence for me though is Gavin Harrison of Porcupine Tree and Neil Peart of Rush so, ''prog'' is pretty much a known territory for me! I also have a project in the making where I'll play some of the most difficult parts (technically) I have ever stay tuned! 

Share with us your top5 on prog rock albums of all ages. 

I think the best prog rock album ever made is Mother Turtle..hahahahahahahahahaahaha

I also could write down all the Rush discography of course but here is maybe my top 5.

1)      The Art Of Navigating By The Stars - Sieges Even

2)      Hemispheres - Rush

3)      Permanent Waves - Rush

4)      In Absentia - Porcupine Tree

5)      In The Court Of The Crimson King - King Crimson 

This is it, thank you very much or this chance to talk about Mother Turtle. I wish you keep writing excellent music and receive as much recognition as you cannot imagine. The rest keep praising Mother Turtle. Anything last George? 

I would like to thank everyone who supported this band from the very beginning but mostly Kostas Kofinas. I didn't have the chance to mention in the interview that this man was, is and will remain the fifth member of the band! His help in the whole process is priceless and without him this album would have been something different and for sure much worse! So thank you Kostas!!!

Praise The Mother Turtle!


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