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CONFLICTED - Never Be Tamed



1. After too long
2. Never Be Tamed
3. Victor(ia)
4. Fallen
5. The Hand of God
6. Stay
7. Heat me Up
8. I Wish. I Remember
9. Alive
10. Torment
11. Release


“The future of prog before perfection”

How did you feel the first time you listened to Symphony X and Psychotic Waltz?
You must have said «Oh it is really interesting, derived from Dream Theater and yet so different».
Now I can say the same thing about Conflicted, their music derived from Symphony X and Psychotic Waltz and yet something makes them different and unique. It is much better to say that Conflicted carry the basic clues of those two bands without being a clone of them.
The progressive metal can be regarded as one of the most difficult and complicated idioms in metal music and as a result some albums hide the danger to be too bored for the listeners, but Conflicted belong to the other category where a prog album gains you at once.
Some of the songs in their debut album Never Be Tamed are fast and some others mid-tempo, but always including melody in them. The song with the same name of the album begins with a characteristic riff which stays for a life, fast and aggressive as it can be prepare the ground for many other excellent songs and riffs like the next one. “Victor(ia)” could be easily the single of the album, again with a powerful riff that leaves no margins for complaints and a scream which takes my mind back to ‘80s. Do you want to describe you and its solo? Just hear it!
The album is full of screams, in almost all the songs just like “Fallen” or “Stay” Jason Orton proves that his voice will be the main theme of discussions in the future. He needs a little progress, but this is not a drawback neither for him nor for the album, you cannot find singers like him every day. In the song “The hand of god”, another powerful and fast song Jason reminds me in some moments of James Rivera from Helstar.
In Never Be Tamed you will not hear affected compositions with drums that can change their rhythm ten times in a song, but fewer times like in “Alive” in which the solo it is magic. The work that Mark Owen has done on guitars is unbelievable both riffs and solos give to the band its personality and create something that we have missed for years. May there is not a second guitar player, but the keyboards
of Jason Long cover this vacancy if there is any and in solos the alternations with the guitar are so good that Conflicted have nothing to be jealous from big names. In “Torment” you can realize the perfect symmetry of the two instruments both in the beginning and in the solo. The ending of the album “Release” is the summit, another great riff and a refrain which express a feeling.

Nothing in here is bad, may the production could be one click higher, but if it was would it have that sound which brings in mind an old period and about the sound of the guitar I have not made clear in my mind yet if it is a small drawback or an imperfection which products somehow the perfection. Great album!


Points: 8 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood


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