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O.S.I. - Fire Make Thunder




1. Cold Call
2. Guards
3. Indian Curse
4. Enemy Prayer
5. Wind Won’t Howl
6. Big Chief II
7. For Nothing
8. Invisible Men

Release Date: 27 March 2012 – Metal Blade Records


“Two interdependent minds”

For someone being a musician is something really creative and therapeutic for his soul as he has the chance to write music that will guide him to the sense of life. On the other side, on this of the listener can be happened the same thing if he lets his mind being open and accepts that music. In the end both sides will make it clear to themselves that the simpler we see and hear a music album the more we have the chances to see our life simpler and easier. OSI are a band that can make anyone try to be open mind in the music, try to be out of specific signs which keep us in a closed space and make things more difficult for us.

This time, in their fourth effort “Fire Make Thunder” decided to handle everything on their own apart from the drums. These are on the hands of Gavin Harrison from Porcupine Tree and he does his best, so that his way of playing is combined perfectly with those unique and special songs. Kevin Moore and Jim Matheos thought that this album should be without the participation of anyone else; they wanted to create this music just on a path for two persons.

Jim and Kevin did not try to write songs that could be characterized as the most technical tracks, but as I mentioned in the beginning they wrote music in a simple way. Well this may be the problem for some people who want to hear prim songs with continuous alternations. If you want this go and listen again to “Sympathetic Resonance”. Also Jim seems that he has a lot of heavy riffs yet to produce as in here shows some of them. But it is no easy to keep them in mind without the parts of Kevin. He sings slow and beautiful; the true is that his vocals are not something marvelous, but you feel so peaceful while you are hearing him that this is enough.

All the lyrics fit perfectly the atmosphere of the music, which is windmill by Jim and Kevin. Jim owns all the guitar parts and some of the bass and Kevin the rest. The only song that is instrumental is “Prayer Missiles” and it is remarkable just like the others. You cannot distinguish some song from the others and say that this one is better than the others. Actually I think that a thought like this is futile and you just listen to units not to a whole album. On the other being more careful you will find moments that musically come from melodic mainly moments of the past. For example when I heard “Indian Curse” the first thought that came to my mind was the band Harmonium. But also you can find and Pink Floyd if you listen deeper, just like in the last part of my favorite song “Invisible Men”.

Do you want to tell you a secret? Just have the album, put it on your stereo, have a nice sit on your beloved place around it and enjoy it with all the comforts it offers. If you do that you will see how beautiful album it is and that you can listen to it again and again without any crashes. Something last, do not pay so much attention to the points; pay all your attention to the music inside it.


Points: 8 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood