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ORCUS CHYLDE - Orcus Chylde



1. The Day the 7th Angel Came
2. Valley of Thornes
3. Orcus Chylde
4. As Time will Bury us All
5. Over the Frozen Rivers
6. U Ime / In the Name of
7. Quiet Walls
8. Cold Man

Release Date: 2012 – self released


“Music from the Forest”

The garden of the ’70s has been alive for 42 years. The fruits of the past have turned into blossoms that cannot be withered and are the models for the new seeds. One from those new seeds is called “Orcus Chylde”, just like its gardener is named. A band that has been existed since 2009, comes from Germany and has already released a demo/EP before their debut.

The six members that constitute the band, each one of them sets his personal sign. As a result they manage to create a beautifull album. The songs of the album from the first listening leave their stain. Thus the next listenings will follow pleasant. Above them there are those which are the best, but no song can be regarded as a simply good one. Their style? Psychedelic heavy/rock with strong and absolutely melodic moments. “Valley of Thorns” has one of the most powerful overtures and in the middle of it there is the most accustomed and enticed part of the album. Until the guitars and the organs of Felix Gellrich come to exalt it.

The second most powerful moment is “Quiet Walls” which begins with a doomy riff and goes on with the absolute psychedelic rhythm of the guitars and the keyboards. Also if you are looking for the most melodic moments in the album, you will find them in “As Time Will Bury Us” and “Over the Frozen Rivers”. Especially the second one hardly gets out of the mind. What comes next to complete this musical wealth is the voice of Tobias Ritter. Gentle vocals and wheter it’s necessary they are powerful, but his swerves are not working as a drawback. Personally I would regard them as his ignorance in order to let his voice guide him. I really want to accent the weight that “Cold Man” carries, because of its lyrics. May the “lords of war” by hearing it, they would fill theirselves with so many guilts that they were suffocated by them.

A psychedelic album in the music always does good to the mind. It lets it travelling free and delivers it from notions that makes it oppressive. If you are lovers of the sound and collectors of that garden go and get your copy. May “Orcus Chylde” won’t be largely known, but for those who will be surrended to it, it will remain a bright blossom.


Points: 8 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood



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