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PERTNESS - Frozen Time

This is the band's third full album, and the heaviest of them all. Having said that, its also the most melodic...quite a feat to pull off. While this CD certainly falls in the melodic power metal genre, Pertness brings in some death and doom riffs, but with clean vocals. And, surprisingly enough, some folk metal too. Now some bands will try to do these types of things simply for the sake of doing them, and often feels forced. However, on Frozen Time,  everything is there for a reason, well-placed and meaningful. You can certainly tell they spent some time writing this album and gave it great thought.
Some highlights for me have to include, "My Will is Broken", a fast-paced, catchy melodic tune that grabs you. Next is the power tune, "Farewell to the Past", which I love the tempo, the riff and the incorporated keyboards in the bridge. On "No More Messiah" they show they can slow it down a bit with a folk-metal tune that fits right in. Later in the album, the do the same on "Lost in Time", both songs being entertaining and giving a nice change of pace. "The Eye of the Storm" is also one of favorite tracks, giving the listener an in-your-face guitar driven track, much like a vintage Iced Earth track.
Overall, this is a very good album that I would recommend to most metalheads.
 Who would really like this album? Fans of
Mystic Prophecy, Blind Guardian, Halloween, Iced Earth, Sabaton



  1. Frozen Time
  2. My Will is Broken
  3. Farewell to Past
  4. No more Messiah
  5. Cold Wind of Death
  6. I sold my Remorse
  7. The Last Survival
  8. Lost in Time
  9. Shadow Knights
  10. The Eye of the Storm
  11. The Star of the County Down

Release Date:  09 November 2012

Label:  Pure Legend Records


Points:  8 / 10
Review by Scott Bivins



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