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KREATOR - Phantom Antichrist



1. Mars Mantra
2. Panthom Antichrist
3. Death to the World
4. From Flood into Fire
5. Civilization Collapse
6. United in Hate
7. The Few, the Proud, the Broken
8. Your Heaven My Hell
9. Victory Will Come
10. Until Our Paths Cross Again

Release Date: 01 June 2012 – Nuclear Blast



“Thrash of human truth”

Humanity divided in two or more pieces, total hate everywhere and kindness nowhere. Plastic flowers for salvation and love into bottles covered with an expiration date. Power of politicians against the freedom of people. Adulterated religion and the only God is some colorful currency and an ideological democracy. All the above words, phrases and meanings are represented mysically and artistically by Kreator. There is not any of their albums that indiffernet for all those happening in a society.

That’s exactly happening and in the very good “Phantom Antichrist”, in which every song is an absolute truth. Honestly the part of lyrics has affected me a lot and its weight is similar to that of the music part. Even if you get carried away by the thrashy riffs, the unstoppable drumming and those great solos, I don’t think there will be a moment that you won’t think of the lyrics. But the whole weight of the album is not only based on lyrics. Its freshness makes the difference and this is something that bands like Kreator should search for in every new album. Because this will make understand that they are not reccurents with theirselves.

Mille is exactlly the one that must be in the album and expresses deeply what he has written. He doesn’t shout meaningless “we are legions united in hate”, he really wants to say something through this at the end of “United in Hate”. Also the rest of the members couldn’t be better. But I want to mention mostly the contribution of Sami. He is for fourth album in the band and by his playing he confirms why he is the second guitarist. The evidences are in “From Flood into Fire” (my favorite song), “The Few, The Proud, The Broken” and “Victory Will Come”. He concludes and covers in the same time Mille and there are also some moments where Mille is right behind him. All the guitar parts are being played according to the German technique and don’t get wondered if you listen to a little bit Blind Guardian in “Until Our Path Cross Again”. This is the experimental way that Kreator are used to following the last years and also keep in mind that Blind Guardian used to have some thrashy elements in their early beginnings.

There is much melodie in the album, just like in “Enemy of God”, but this isn’t bad. On the other hand that kind of melody is compromised with ther social concerns. Listen carefully to the lyrics and feel them. Of course, that doesn’t mean that Kreator have changed dramatically and suddenly they became sweet. Never think of it or else you forget what you are listening to. That’s thrash metal form Kreator in nowadays and you just can choose whether you like it or not.

Points: 9 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood