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PHANTOM X - The Opera of the Phantom



1. Prelude/Storms of Hell
2. The Rise of the Phantom
3. Discovery
4. The Mask
5. Storm Riders
6. Everspell
7. 13th hour
8. A Strange World
9. Discovery II
10. Deep Six Down
11. Cloning the Christ
12. Playing God
13. Holy Hell
14. 1000 Quatrains
15. Your Majesty
16. All Hail the Heroes

Released: 31.08.2012 – Pure Steel Records


„The Opera of the Phantom“ (not to confuse with the Maiden song Phantom of the Opera) delivers fine food for the fans of classic US power metal.
The fourth album of the guys around vocalist Kevin Goocher (also known from the Omen comeback album Eternal Black Dawn) is done as a concept one and contains besides new tracks also some songs that can be found on former albums.
But this were recorded completely new and adequate enclosed into the albums concept.

Especially Goocher is the one that gives the material it’s class. Without his class of vocals some numbers would even go under the means. Cause in this opera all that glitters is not gold.

Within the nearly 70 minutes there are obviously some lengths. Fans of US steel will not really mind this – but the album only marginal assures me.

However the album will eak out it’s plays in the genre of US metal.


Points: 6 / 10

Review by Michael Klein




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