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PHENOMENA - Awakening




1. Smash It Up
2. Reality
3. Homeland
4. Going Away
5. Gotta Move
6. How Long
7. Shake
8. Fighter
9. Dancing Days
10. Stand Up for Love

Release Date: 23 March 2012 – Escape Music


You can read the new Phenomena album „Awakening“ as a who is who of the rock business.
The project of Tom Galley and Wilfried F. Riemensberger began back in 1985 with the first Phenomena album, that was engaged with the most considerable musicians of that time.
There were Glenn Hughes, Mel Galley, Cozy Powell and much more. The album earned lot of great critics and was high standing at the music fans….a big success. Til now Phenomena albums were published with different musicians and unsteady intervals.

The line up this time:


Martin Kronlund: Guitars, and Bass
Tom Harlan: Guitars & Keyboards
Imre Daun: Drums.
Henrik Thomsen: bass
Per Aronson-Andersson: Hammond, keyboards
JAVA Gospel on “Stand up for love”

Additional Musicians:
Carl Anthony Wright – Guitars
Christian Wolff – Guitars
Tommy Denander – Guitars
Mike Slamer Guitars
Magnus Karlsson – Guitars
Mat Sinner – Bass
All COLDSPELL members
Steve Newman – Guitars and backing vocals
Fredrik Bergh – Keyboards on “Smash It Up” And “Gotta Move”

The first song „Smash it up“ starts briliant with the voice of Lee Small (Shy, Skyscraper) that owns a high recognation value. Great voice in a great midtempo track. The next number „Reality“ is also a good handmade one, which honours the legendary Queen. Toby Hitchcock (Pride of Lion) and Mike Slamer (Steelhouse Lane) are a strong combination and the guitar solo warms you up.
„Homeland“ then with Rob Moriatti (ex-Saga) is a mix of slow and fast parts with sweeping effects.
„Going Away“, performed by James Christian (House of Lords), who’s voice will be known at once, is a more rockin’ track than the others before. And like on the others we find guitar players here with absolutely knowledge in what they do…a real pleasure.
„Gotta Move“ with Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear) is a melodic rock song combined with heavy influences.

It’s not possible to write about all songs, cause it would go beyond the scope. But maybe we have to talk about „Dancing Day“. This song was complete done by the swedish band Coldspell. And „Stand up for Love“ is the best love song I’ve heard for a long time. It brings emotions of big pleasure. If you have had a bad day…listen to this song and you will suddenly feel better.

The album „Awakening“ is a felicitous one all around. It impressed me from the first seconds. A mix of melodic, heavy and bombastic rock. Also the producers Tom Galley and Martin Kronlund did the rest for a phenomenal release. Anyone who likes good rock music will love it. Supporters of the old Phenomena can cheer up…all the others, take a listen. It’s more worth doin that.
Maybe the album could have been any longer….but this is a matter of taste.


Points: 9,5 / 10

Review by Angel