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 INTRODUCTION:                 PROG SECTOR    by Dr. Feelgood

The book of prog is one of the most wonderful that could exist and make our days more beautiful. Lost treasures, especially from the decade of the ‘70s reveal the creativity and the inspiration that came out without musical prohibitions, fashions and limits from the labels. It is music from the deepest feelings. It is not only a guitar part that combines more than one style, even if we talk about jazz, fuzz. All these make the package of prog. The additional clue is the lyrics. They could describe a human situation or they do it already or imagination that mirages the reality. I will present you some albums that had been lost through the passing of time and deserve more than a thump up or albums that are well - known. You will read about albums from the decade of the ‘70s, but also you will see some metal albums that had been affected a lot by the fathers of prog. I want to share my thoughts with you and I insist you listen to those you have not done before.


T2 - "It's all Work out in Boomland"



  1. In Circles
  2. J.L.T.
  3. No More White Horses
  4. Morning


The first album that will be presented is the debut one of the British T2. Its title is “It’s All Work Out In Boomland” and may this Boomland is a place where things are kind different from our world. It may be a world whose image is reflected on the artwork of the album. A world created according to the thoughts of one of the formers of the band Peter Dunton. Peter did and something else apart from the basic role in the band, he was playing drums and in the same time he was the singer. A situation not only difficult, but also something new and somehow curious for that era. The result exonerates his attempt and this can be proved by his great vocals and his great playing.

The album contains four songs which could be as six or seven because of their last. The other two members and formers too, Keith Cross on guitar and keyboards and Bernard Jinks on bass, completed perfectly that trio and it is understandable that the next members who replaced them could not reach their creativity.

The songs have the heavy sound in an era that it had not been archived yet, but we cannot regard them as one of the heaviest beginnings because of their main aim for songs full of melodies that can travel us into unknown places. From the one side there is “In Circles”, a song of eight and a half minutes in which is becoming the union of the fuzz guitars with the heavy rhythms and then come the melodic moments in all the instruments including the vocals. From the other side we have the smallest song in last, “J.L.T” where the first signs of jazz are being obvious, while the keyboards have the weight for a tone that paints the ears.

This was the basic theme of the prog bands of that decade, especially of those which came from England. They had jazz and fuzz in their blood and their attempt not only to keep these clues, but also adding their own seal was what we call progressive music. Of course the biggest pleasure for those musicians was to synthesize songs that could last more than one could imagine. This is happening with “Morning” which lasts twenty one minutes, a song that objectively can be a journey with all these alternations in its rhythm carrying inside. It has a small heave/fuzz riff in the beginning and its end and during them; the melody has the leading role. Gentle parts which express the main attitude that many musicians had in that cold decade. Without exaggeration this song could represent a whole album.

This album had been released in 1970, but unfortunately it seems that time did not tell good things for it and many people do not know its existence. It is not the first indication of prog rock, because King Crimson, for whom I will write another moment, where those who gained the title, but T2 with this album did something that only a few could do and also recorded an album, like which you cannot hear in the present. This is its unique value. Although they had four albums after that, T2 could not reach the creativity and the seldom music ingenuity of the past.