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“And Spring Came Unexpectedly”



For almost a decade prog/tech metal has given us albums full of pleasant moments, intricate compositions and may some surprises, but few. The one thing missing was madness; the madness of thousand riffs being played upon lead parts that could make the human brain be exploded. Today, after all those years Protest the Hero like Deus ex machina serve us “Volition”, the best and why not most extremely technical metal album.

Forget the term “djent” or anything else around -core. Protest the Hero have moved steps beyond from what they used to be in their early beginnings. Endless riffing, drumming and if you try to count them in the end you may forget your name and who you are. The first listening of the album is just a groggy “ok”, the second lets the roots of the songs electrify your rays and in the next followings you start learning the songs. The old followers of the genre should know that the “monster mind” Ron Jarzombek states present in “Drumhead Trial”. Yeah, the one who through Watchtower made many of us face problems with our nerves. Also, think of the fact that the only albums sounding like this one in the past were “Ink Compatible” from Spastic Ink of Ron and “Sophisticated” from Sieges Even. Whoever have listened to the german release of 1994 will find many common moments into “Volition”.

“Without Prejudice”, “Yellow Teeth”, Plato’s Tripartite” and “Skies” are just some of the songs that can make you hung from any lamp in your house and start whirling on the speed of the songs. Technicality in the highest level. Beautiful vocal lines and melodies from Rody Walker and the guest appearance of Jadea Kelly can be regarded as the most successful while her sweet voice “switches off” ideally the songs. And when those moments are not enough to designate the greatness of the album, nor the brief bridges of riffing, listen to “Mist”. Enjoy it and stick at once to its grand finale. Enough said…





  1. Clarity
  2. Drumhead Trial
  3. Tilting Against Windmills
  4. Without Predjudice
  5. Yellow Teeth
  6. Plato's Tripartite
  7. A Life Embossed
  8. Mist
  9. Underbite
  10. Animal Bones
  11. Skies

Release Date:  29 October 2013

Label:  Razor & Tie


Points: 9 / 10

Review by Dr.Feelgood



Do a gift to yourself and listen to the album. Forget anything you have heard about those guys, that have no relationship with the predominant prog/tech sound and feel like other years from the past, or just face the fact that Protest the Hero are the present and the future. Grab yourself and leave him in the middle of a meadow where any reaction through the listening of “Volition” will be forbidden. Attention: DO NOT DRIVE AND LISTEN TO IT!

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