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CANDLEMASS - Psalms for the Dead



1. Prophet
2. The Sound of Dying Demons
3. Dancing in the Temple (of the Mad Queen Bee)
4. Waterwitch
5. The Lights of Thebes
6. Psalms for the Dead
7. The Killing of the Sun
8. Siren Song
9. Black as Time

Release Date: 08 June 2012 – Napalm Records


„Psalms for the Dead“ is the last album of the swedish doom institution Candlemass – but this doesn’t mean that the band will retire after that. Everytime the swedish were measured by their debut album „Epicus Doomicus Metallicus“. Also the three strong albums after their reunion in 2001 couldn’t change anything.

Candlemass collected nine songs on their final album. All are kind of short songs. With its 7 minutes „Waterwitch“ is the longest and „Dancing in the Temple (of the Mad Queen Bee) with 3 minutes is the shortest song. Even so the band tries to lay the cards of all their trademarks. Headed by brilliant vocalist Rob Lowe, who quit surprisingly six days before the album’s release, Candlemass open with the speedy „Prophet“. The rest of the album is slow as usual, powerful and tempestuous. Equipped with amazing riffs especially the title track or „The Sound of Dying Demons“ know how to proof.

All in all Candlemass deliver a solid Epic-Doom-Metal work with their assumed farewell album. Cause of the short playing time of the single songs the five-piece steel themselves certainly some of the atmosphere. Hardly atmosphere is newly formed, the song ends. But those who can look back to an immense strong catalogue of good albums don’t have to worry about finding a great set list for their live shows.

The tracks on „Psalms for the Dead“ are really not bad, but Candlemass definetely have written better ones during their long career.

Points: 6,5 /10

Review by Manuel (Metal Aschaffenburg

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