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THRESHOLD - Psychadelicatessen (special Edition)



1. Sunseeker
2. A Tension of Souls
3. Into the Light
4. Will to Give
5. Under the Sun
6. Babylon Rising
7. He Is I Am
8. Innocent
9. Devoted
10. Lost
11. Intervention
Bonus Tracks:
1. Fist of Tongues
2. Half Way Home
+ “Livedelica” EP

Released: 2012 – Nuclear Blast Records


Now Nuclear Blast released the second special edition album of the Threshold back catalogue.  Like the others “Psychedelicatessen” comes with bonus material. This album is a more rockin’ one than the forerunner. Also there was a change in the line up. Damian Wilson left the band to forward his musical career. Instead Glynn Morgan appeared who also created two songs. Some maybe will know him from the band Mindfeet. But he was only working as vocalist for Threshold on this album.

“Sunseeker” opens powerful straight forward. This song is also played on shows today and hits the stage like an earthquake. Glynn Morgan’s voice fits perfectly here. A dignified replacement for Damian Wilson. Also here, like in the debut, lots of changes in style that couldn’t been played better.

“Will to Give” is a pumping song that’s fantastic bass lines cause higher heartbeats of every rocker.  Therefore “Under the Sun” is a wonderful ballad that catches the ears. For me on this album the chorus line will sound better.

Also “Devoted” has to be named…amazing. Not only cause of the commitment of a string orchestra which is changing to metal than…those incomparable tempo and style changes are the song’s highlights.

“Half Way Home” escpecially impressed me. I didn’t hear a wonderful song that hits your heart like this one for a long time. First class…this is how ballad have to be.

A well done follow up. Bands will always be measured by their debut. Especially it it’s that good and succesful. This album is a little different to “Wounded Land”.  The songs are not as long as on the debut. But more rockin’ and even more melodic. This causes that the songs stay longer in your ears and you have to listen to them more and more. It also comes with higher quality, escpecially after the remix. You hear first class artists and it’s a pleasure to listen to them.

As a bonus we can find the complete “Livedelica”-EP. The bonus tracks “Lost” and “Intervention” have been supplemented with two more songs – “Fist of Tongues” and “Half Way Home”. Those were also available before on the boxset “Paradox-The Singles Collection”. Summary a worthy package. Not at last cause some songs were recorded new by Glynn Morgan.

Wit 18 songs this double album is the longest so far. But it’s worthy to buy it. Those who loved the debut will surely like this one too. As different the songs are, they stay as masterpieces of progressive rock music.


Points:  9,5 / 10

Review by Angel


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