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RAVEN LORD - Descent to the Underworld



  1. The Rebel
  2. Atilla the Hun
  3. Let the Show Go on
  4. Seal of the Cross
  5. Promised Land
  6. Settle the Score
  7. Black Friar
  8. World out of Steel
  9. Revelation
  10. Metal Knights
  11. Sun God 1

Release Date: 1 February 2013 – Mausoleum Records


“Steel Meets Steel”

Finally, after a long time I hear a new album from a Swedish band that has nothing to do with all those bands coming from that land and being known for their love in traditional sound or occultism. Raven Lord not only play heavy metal with having nothing from the previous clues, but also they incorporate some modern clues; of course where it is needed without exaggerations.

If you have missed the sound and the passion of the first two solo albums from Rob Halford, then I think that your love will rise again. Also inset to this, that Csaba Zvekan has a hoarse voice and sometimes his vocals have common tones to that one of Rob. He screams good as well, but there are times where he tries to raise his voice while this is not so necessary and may this lead the listener to avoid some songs. This is not a bad side, on the other hand do not forget that we have to do with a debut; that means that there a lot of chances for him to touch a perfect level in the future.

Besides the vocals, the main characteristic of the album and the band in general is the two guitarists who do a magnificent work. Heavy as both can be and they do not hesitate to add some modern bulk into their sound. I won’t hide you that this reminds me somehow of Symphony X. Songs for a lot of repeats are “Attila the Hun”, “Let the Show Go on”, “Settle the Score” and “Revelation”. You are going to love both riffs and solos. Giorgos Karafotis and Joe Stump have already had a lot of experience on their fingers from other bands to create that heavy manifesto.

“Descent to the Underworld” will make you take a breathe from many new albums that dive into the past and I’m sure that you’ll go with it many times. Do not ignore them and I repeat again, that as a debut is really good, but their future will be much better. Hopes are with them.

Points: 7 / 10

Review by Dr.Feelgood




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