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REVERENCE - When Darkness Calls



1. When Darkness Calls
2. Bleed on Me
3. Phantom Road
4. Devil in Disguise
5. Too Late
6. Gatekeeper
7. The Price you pay
8. Monster
9. Revolution Rising
10. After the Leaves have fallen
11. Vengeance is mine

Release Date: 31 May 2012 – Razar Ice Records


The opener (and also title track) promises a lot for the coming 50 minutes. Fine US Metal traditional style with a melodic dark refrain. This has to be a debut ? Therefor it is nearly too good.

A look on the line up clears it: Reverence is the new band of Bryan Holland (ex-guitarist of NWOBHM legends Tokyo Blade) and vocalist Todd Michael Hall (Jack Starr’s Burning Star). For the pumping beat they recruited Steve „Doc Killdrums“ Wacholz, founding member and drummer of the first nine Savatage albums. Not bad, what do you think ?
This all of course sets the level pole for critics higher. But als with a high level pole we have to say that „When Darkness Calls“ really brings fun and every fan of US power metal will love it.

With the weaken (despite of the immense vocal power of Todd sounding a little beside the track) song „Too late“ we only find one blackout on the album.

But with the opener, „Revolution Rising“ and the power ballad „After the leaves have fallen“ at least three strikes.

Target group: Buy it !


Points: 7,5 / 10

Review by Michael Klein

German Review here:  METAL ASCHAFFENBURG



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