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Andre, first of all....there is a brandnew Royal Hunt album coming up soon. The name of the album will be „A Life to die For“. Is there any special message behind this title ? What is the „Life“ that it is worth dying for ?

  “A life to die for” is a very individual thing as it has completely different meaning for any person you might ask. “One man´s heaven is another man´s hell” they say and this play of imagination became the main theme of this album… we all have our individual perception of that perfect life, but should be aware of what we wish for– it might just happen.

 As you revealed the tracklist there can be found just seven new songs. Does that mean that there are a couple of longer tracks on the new album ? Or isn't the tracklist complete now ?

 There´re a couple of longer tracks included so the album´s total running time is over 46 minutes.

 In older statements you told that there are plans to employ a large number of classical/orchestra players in the studio. What can we expect from the new album then ? Is there more symphonic/classical stuff on it than before ?

 We worked with classical musicians before – but only on the individual basis, small parts here and there to create a special atmosphere needed for a specific part of the song. This time around there´s a larger group of them playing alongside the band, reinforcing arrangements and giving the entire production more of the organic feel – a new thing for us yet very entertaining. As a result the album sounds larger, more “symphonic” if you wish.

  Where did you get the orchestral players and choirs from ?

 The album´s been recorded in Copenhagen so, obviously, all players/singers are DK - based… most of them are my friends whom I´ve worked with previously.

 With songtitles like „Hell comes down from heaven“ or „One minute left to live“ it seems that the new songs could have a darker and more negative touch this time. What are the songs about and is there a lyrical concept behind the album ?

 I´d say it´s more of the musical concept than lyrical: I didn´t have any specific storyline to base the new songs on. As for explaining the meaning of every single song in advance… I´d rather not, as I thing that every fan will create his/her own, very personal impression of these stories.

 It is not a secret that DC Cooper rejoined the band. It was the decision after a short reunion tour. What exactly happened, that made DC return ?

 Well after the first short tour everybody – the fans, the press and our record labels instantly begun asking for a new album and we – as the situation in the band felt comfortable – recorded “Show Me How To Live”. It´s been received with a lot of excitement and the full blown world tour followed… now this album is just a logical continuation.


 For a reason that DC is in the band again, does it mean now for Royal Hunt to get back with your sound to the „Paradox“ and „Moving Target“ times ? Or is it more that he brings fresh elements again in your music ?

 “Show Me How To Live” has been described by the majority as a “return to RH´s trademark sound”, so this new album is just an evolution from that: more orchestrated, with bigger production as – as we all feel – filled with exciting new songs.

 If you look back to the last releases „X“ and „Collision Course“....would you say that both were the right albums for that time or would you change anything now ?

 Absolutely. Both albums are great and we´re all very proud of them – songs from these albums are always present in our live-set.

 With Mark Boals and before with John West you also had two great vocalists, but the „original“ voice of DC will be something special again. Do you still have some contact to your former bandmembers and do you know what they are doing now ?

 I´m in a daily contact with most of RH´s ex-members; we´re following each other’s developments, sometimes participating in in each other´s projects and – generally – hanging our frequently.

 The artwork for the cover of the new album is also revealed now. It looks great, but for my opinion it underlines the darker side of Royal Hunt, right ?

 Darker or not – it´s hard for me to tell, I just see it as a great cover reflecting the music very well.

 Kai Brockschmidt is responsible for the artwort. Can you tell us something about that guy ? About his works and how you connected to him ?

 Kai got in touch with me while we were recording “X” and presented me with a few ideas he had for the cover. I liked very much what he was offering and he´s been responsible for all our covers since – he´s a great artist, fan of the band and very easy to work with.

 After the release of the new album, I think it is in November, do you immediately start touring to promote it ? Or do you wait til the year 2014 will start.

 The album´s going to be released in Japan on November 20th, Europe on November 29th and in USA on December 3rd… the lead single – “One Minute Left To Live” -  is already out. Our next tour is in the works (starting in the end of February next year), just follow the addition of the dates on

 Are there any plans to play with a tour package and maybe to play on summer festivals next year ?

 We´ll do our own headlining tour and as for summer festivals – we´ll see a little farther down the line.  In Germany there will be two shows for now: March 4, 2014 in Meisenfrei Blues Club in Bremen and March 8, 2014 in Riffelhoff in Burgrieden.  See you all very soon! :-)

 You celebrated your 20th anniversary some months ago. Can you believe that you are part of the music business for that long time ?

 Yes, last year we celebrated our 20th Anniversary and even released a huge box-set “20th Anniversary – Special Edition” containing 3 CD´s and a DVD. Sometimes it´s hard to believe that the band´s been around for over two decades but we´re still around, still productive and still having fun – that´s the most important thing !

  In 20 years usually there are a lot of up's and down's. What were the most rememberal things if you take a look back ?

 For me personally it´s still the release of our first album – it felt totally unreal… and the first couple of tours as well. It´s been lots of ups and downs since, but still every day I just feel privileged to be able to do what I love doing – to write and perform music.

 What is coming next after „A Life to die for“ ? Are there any ideas for upcoming releases and works or will you have all your focus on the new album first ?

  Right now I´m concentrating on promotion for “A Life To Die For” and the upcoming tour (February – April 2014). What´s gonna be next – we´ll see when we´ll get there.


That's true, thanx to Andre Andersen of Royal Hunt.


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