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RUNNING WILD - Shadowmaker




1. Piece of the Action
2. Riding on the Tide
3. I Am Who I Am
4. Black Shadow
5. Locomotive
6. Me & the Boys
7. Shadowmaker
8. Sailing Fire
9. Into the Black
10. Dracula

Release Date: 23 April 2012 – Nuclear Blast


„Back from the pirate’s grave“

Running Wild are back ! After a temporary split up, the farewell in Wacken and a Best-Of works Rock’n Rolf is now keen again for new treasure hunts.
The result is existent with „Shadowmaker“. And NO: The album artwork is not a running gag. Though it looks like one….a bad one. The Cyclone-Knight-Centurion is more than turned out badly and will fill the most Worst-Of-Cover lists next time. But generally known the content is that what counts. So we will close our eyes for that and let us be surprised if „Shadowmaker“ really will continue the glory years like Rolf told us before.

The opener „Piece of the Action“ at least remembers a bit to „Masquerade/The Rivalry“ times – and this not really a bad sign. „Riding on the Tide“ then raises lyrical pirate feelings and leaves an decent impression. It shows til the fifth track „Locomotive“ that the last three outputs „Rogues en Vogue“, „The Brotherhood“ and „Victory“ will be forgotten and lost ground for a more freewheeling and positive delight in playing. But in case of „Me & the Boys“ a little too positive.
The cranky, nearly stadiums-orientated track clearly drops down. After that this 15th album works partly better. But (as a fan) you have to admit that „Shadomaker“ is better than the last three albums indeed, but that’s it and not much more.
As measured by the reference albums like „Death or Glory“ or „Black Hand Inn“ that all reaches to narrow 7 points, but tracks like the cool one „Dracula“ or „Into the Black“ prove has nothing unlearned. All in all a kind of conflictin thing.

On the other hand: The first edition comes with a DVD, with Making-Of and Track-by-Track comments from Rolf.
A limited boxset contains beside the CD/DVD also an exclusive, 30-pages book in LP size about the band’s history.


Points: 7 / 10

Review by Michael Klein

German Review:

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