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JUDAS PRIEST - Sad Wings of Destiny


1. Victim of Changes 07:44
2. The Ripper 02:51
3. Dreamer Deceiver 05:53
4. Deceiver 02:46
5. Prelude 02:02
6. Tyrant 04:29
7. Genocide 05:48
8. Epitaph 03:20
9. Island of Domination 04:20

Release Date: 23 March 1976 – Gull Records


The second album of the band before their big success, first time with Alan Moore on drums, was the cornerstone for this. Classics like „Tyrant“, „Genocide“ or the early hard one „The Ripper“ cannot be wiped out of the history of Judas Priest. If you think about that this songs even should have been placed on their first album, but the label and producer didn’t want it, so it is easy to dignify the potential in this early phase. If the band would have been worked with another label that time, not with the independent Gull Records, and with other producers, the bands success did appear much earlier. Then with Roger Glover at the helm and under the flag of Columbia all was getting higher and higher.

Already the opener of the album „Victim of Changes“ has a special significance in the history of heavy metal cause this song wide opened the gates for this new genre. That kind of guitar work and vocals were a novelty. Different to the debut the interaction of Downing and Tipton on guitars appeared perfect for the first time and the high vocal property of Rob Halford was sensational.
Also on concerts this song still will be played and heard. Similiarly „Tyrant“ with its impressing guitar and vocal variety and the well known hookline stands in this row.

All in all this classic has to be placed in every collection of metal albums in general and specially in the collection of Judas maniacs without doubt. The nine songs with its 40 minutes offer beside amusing entertainment also impressing object lessons about early metal.


Points: 8,5 / 10

 Review by Kerbinator