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“The Eagle still Flies High”


SAXON - Sacrifice

After 19 flights the eagle named Saxon seems tireless and while new and young bands record albums every four years, that eagle records albums every two years. The older they are getting the younger the are sounding. Saxon two years after “Call to Arms” return for their 20th flight called “Sacrifice” and nothing can prevent them from doing what they were born for.

If you are a collector, get this album side by side with the others. But if you are more than a collector, a listener, this album will stuck on your stereo for months. “Sacrifice” is not what we call the best of the best, but much better an all – time classic Saxon album. The most songs can easily be regarded as anthems. From “Sacrifice” and “Made in Belfast” to the vagrancy speed of “Warriors of the Road” and “Night of the Wolf”. Without doubt there is nothing missing in order to ask more. Think also that during “Stand up and Fight” you want to get of your house and shout aloud.

All the members present a youth that few bands have the ability to do as well. Of course Doug Scarratt and Paul Quinn make the difference with their commanding guitars and Biff Byford, who seems like a young boy searching for a pub to do some mess. Also while all believe that this sound is so perfect because of Andi Sneap; the true is that Biff handled the production on his own and later Andi did the mixing.

You cannot say anything more for this album. Saxon never changed not they are going to do it right now. They are the flag of heavy metal and the sound of an old and strong machine is in their veins. All the others are standing in a queue. The only comment is that this album doesn’t have any hiss from Biff. But ok, this is for the live performances.



  1. Procession
  2. Sacrifice
  3. Made in Belfast
  4. Warriors of the Road
  5. Guardians of the Tomb
  6. Stand Up and Fight
  7. Walking the Steel
  8. Night of the Wolf
  9. Wheels of Terror
  10. Standing in a Queue

Release Date:  25 February 2013

Label:  UDR


Points: 8 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood



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