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"Speechless Words"


SCALE THE SUMMIT - The Migration

Looking back at the year of 1969 no one could realize what an album like “In the Court of the Crimson King” could create. A sound that through the years has been evolved reaching new horizons and thus the word progressive represents that sound in every dimension of it. Being in today fresh brains pass by the danger zone of playing the music of some other bands and the approach of a modern sound (or if you like to contain in the type “djent”) seems as attractive as it used to be the prog sound yesterday.

In the field of neo prog next to bands like Protest the Hero and Leprous some guys from Texas, named Scale the Summit, decide to stand in the first positions through their fourth seal “The Migration”. What makes this band being special among the others is the instrumental face. Personally, this is something that I really like about them as they have the ability to build songs which apart from a high technique carry emotions that turn into feelings to you, even there are no lyrics. Sometimes the music without words is a whole world.

The songs do not last more than six minutes, a positive element, as in those minutes the band can do great things. The harmonies on guitars create on their turn melodies and the bass is so alive that stands in every second strong enough to span the guitar lines. You will enjoy “Odyssey”, “Oracle”, “Atlas Novus”, “Olive Tree” whose prelude is a modern Rush part. What I really admire in their music is that the band recognizes the contribution of Gojira in prog metal and I see that in their fury rhythm sections as it happens in the excellent “The Dark Horse”.

Without hesitation I’m telling you that we have to do with one of the best and excellent prog releases in 2013. All the progsters should check this album and if you are able to see Scale the Summit somewhere near by you do ti, because I’ve noticed that a live experience of them is something marvelous, as their album.



  1. Odyssey
  2. Atlas Novus
  3. The Olive Tree
  4. Narrow Salient
  5. Oracle
  6. Evergreen
  7. The Dark Horse
  8. Willow
  9. Sabrosa
  10. The Traveler

Release Date:  11 June 2013

Label:  Prosthetic Records


Points:  8 / 10

 Review by Dr.Feelgood



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