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1. New God Rising
2. My Battlefield
3. From Fool to King
4. Game Over
5. Face of Evil
6. Dark Reign
7. Follow the Order
8. A Tale of Hate
9. Prince of the Night
10. Tenfold
11. My Empire Coming Down


Release Date:

11 May 2012 - Dust On The Tracks



Metal from Luxembourg ? I am wondering if I ever knew a band from this small country. The only that comes in mind is Clean State, a modern thrash, death metal band.
But here we have another one….Scarlet Anger. Founded in 2007 this band is playing thrash metal and the first full time album, called „Dark Reign“ is out now. The album was mastered by Annihilatior’s Jeff Waters, not the worst adress in metal music.

The creature that has a look on you on the album cover with it’s devilish eyes promises not to find happiness on the album at all…..

„Dark Reign“ is separated in two chapters. Chapter 1: Kill the King and Chapter 2: ….the King is Dead, long live the King.
First song“New God Rising“ is in the tradition of older european thrash bands like Sodom or Kreator. Slower parts change with speed thrash lines. Shouter Joe Block performs aggressive and hard enough, sometimes blurred, sometimes high.
A well known riff opens „My Battlefield“. Straight thrash guitars and a refrain that contains battlefield shouts are the trademarks of this song. Short Metallica solo rounds it up.
„From Fool to King“ next starts stamping and with marching guitars. The vocals work again more and more with echoes to underline the battle image. Typical thrash lightnings arranged by guitarists
Fred Molitor and Jeff Buchette. Nothing really new. A fast played guitar solo and some elements that remember a little to Testament ends it. Best song for me so far.

More US Style trash in „Game Over“. Overkill comes in mind. Really fast and brutal. Joe Block shouts his lung out and the guitars working furious. Cool smasher !!
Same with „Face of Evil“. Heavy riffing, sometimes weird. The refrain this time offers some kind of aggressive harmonies. As reference point maybe we can tell the last Heathen album.

Chapter 2 begins withtThe title track next….a highspeed blast with some slower elements when the band hits the brake.
Curious screams of Joe that seems he is puking makes it a little funny. More various in sound is „Follow the Order“, partly hard, partly slowing down, high screams.

Nothing more to say new about the next song. Only „Tenfold“ is breaking out of the row. This song owns nearly an epic touch. Heavy, doomy…then getting faster. I would say this is an epic thrash song. Interesting and well played.

The battle ends with „My Empire coming down“. It seems that Scarlet Anger also listened to Metallica’s Master of Puppets a lot. The epic touch continues. A battle field thrash hymn. Harmonies changes with shreds. Good song to kicks you out the album.

Well….Scarlet Anger don’t invent the thrash wheel new. The battlefield image offers a little charm. But there is nothing really new that we never heard before. The band quotes to the whole thrash scene and all the famous bands of europe or the states. Overkill, Sodom, Destruction, Testament, Metallica….to name a few.

The missing originality prevents a higher assessment in this review…but now we know that also luxembourg can thrash. Good album for sure…maybe next time with more own colours.

Points: 7 / 10

Review by Kerbinator