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SCAVENGER - Between the Devil and the Sea



1.Intro (by Juliano Scharf)
3.The Last Judgement (feat. Tommy Vitaly)
5.The Evil Rocks The Night (feat. Axel Ritt)
6.Riders of the Storm
7.Metal Queen
8.Assassins Of Ankh Morpork (feat. Carsten Lizard Schulz)
9.Together We Stand Together We Die
10.Dead End (Instrumental)
11.Between The Devil And The Sea
12.Heavy Metal´s Calling [unplugged] (Bonus Track feat. Ferdy Doernberg)

Rock It Up Records Release: 7 October 2011


“This band needs a producer right now!”

Well, well, well… the first thing that comes in mind by hearing this album from Scavanger is the case of Mania, another band from Germany, which had released an album at the ending of the ‘80s whose production was great, but the material was somehow an imitation of Helloween. On the other side Scavanger released a great album with a low level production and a strong material despite the fact that this album, Between The Devil And The Sea had been recorded again as, Giving Entrance in 2010 a movement that I disapprove of it.

So, let us focus on our main theme which is the album and its songs. Those who love and admire the well – played heavy metal will be pleased at once, as it is obvious that the band does not intend to create something perfect that all the people will talk about, but does intend to write songs relaxed which can easily be placed in your ears. This album can offer you many interesting moments and trust that there will be moments that you will search for some of these songs.
It is well – known that the most bands from Germany are masters on riffing and writing hard and heavy music just like in “Rebirth” and “The last judgment” in which gentlemen Andi Schrank and Andy Jung begin with beautiful riffs and they continue nicely without trying to play something common to another band. Power and speed you can find in here and of course melody too. Also in the second song I mentioned before you can hear on guitars and the guest appearance of Tommy Vitaly the guitarist from Seven Gates. But this musician is not the only who takes part as a guest, you can also hear Axel Ritt from
Grave Digger in the strong “The evil that rocks the night”, and others whose participation is a positive clue for the band.

Good albums always have songs that stay for a life and the two songs from Between The Devil And The Sea that will make you think of this band for a long time are “Riders of the storm” and “Together we stand together we die”. Ok the title “riders of the storm” is so multi used that you do not want to hear about it anymore, but pay more attention to the song, which begins with a gentle atmosphere and then the guitars give the sign of the heavy riffing and here comes an awesome chorus. The general atmosphere of it reminds me of the old good days of Iced Earth. “Together we stand together we die” is the catchy
anthem of the album, whose chorus would be enough to create the absolute atmosphere in a live performance of the band.

Honestly, I want to write only good words about this achievement, but this production cannot leave me alone, it does not sound so nice to hear the guitar parts so loud and the drums so low and like tins. It is too sad to have a material like this with a production that can make it heard like being played by amateur musicians and it has been proved that those musicians have fresh and strong ideas!
I suggest you check this album and you will see that behind this production there are some songs which could be described as little diamonds.


Points:  7 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood