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SCEPTOR - Take Command !


(Release Date: 20 July 201 - 7 Hard)



1. The Clash
2. Shadows in the Maze
3. Powerhouse
4. Time
5. These Hellish Nights
6. Hammer of the North
7. Take Command!
8. Raging Seas
9. Endless Oceans10. Rock City



Mannheim….not the metal centre of the world. But the centre of Sceptor, a traditional heavy metal band founded back in 2009 with roots in old US Metal.
After some tries to find an adequate vocalist (even Bob Mitchell of Attacker worked on the band’s first single) they commited Todd, who played guitars all the times, to do this job. The first full time workout is called „Take Command!“ and as the band tells, the name will be program.
Here we go…

After a fearful intro called „The Clash“ that contains thunder & lightning, a dialog between fighting people and war sounds it starts with „Shadows in the Maze“. Hard power metal guitars, a little weird in sounding, opens it. Midtempo metal with clean vocals, that actually remembers to old US metal bands like Omen or Attacker. It means clean and high in performance. Classical metal guitar themes. Solo, refrain – all fits together. In the line of the bands heroes….a good job for an opener.

Welcome now to the „Powerhouse“. Faster guitar riffing, a high scream first, also all ingredients music in that style needs. Twin vocal refrain, simple rhythm guitar section followed by an appealing guitar solo. Straight and pushing drums by Tom makes it, like the title says, a real powerful happening.

Time for „Time“. Cool riff in the beginning, with light oriental touch, melodic but hard. Todd is more in shouting modus now. That underlines more the war theme. Great fighters chorus like in best Manowar moments makes it a kind of epic song. A song for the battlefields. In between a break with spoken words and solo rounds it up.

Speeding up with „These Hellish Nights“. Nearly a speed metal song with harmonies in the chorus and battle shouts that tell us that we have to avoid the light. Ok…so we stay here and listen to the furious guitar part that follows in complete darkness. Hardest and most powerful song so far with great guitar work of Tim and Todd. If you don’t bang your head to this song…you don’t have one.

„Hammer of the North“ – a hommage to Grand Magus ? Simple guitar riff first and Todd who performs a little suffering. Suffering from the wars ? Another epic song, but for me more a filler than a highlight. Not that exciting in the end…

Title track next….“Take Command !“ assures with great song structures. Enough speed, great vocal performance. Real old school. Breaks before the refrain that seems to be a great one for the audience to sing it if performed live on stage. Made for the burning stages of all the metal clubs around the world. And at last they are fighting again….

Now we are heading across the waters with „Raging Seas“. Good quality banger, but the drums sound a little thin here. More punch would be good. But whirlwind guitars bring us safe across the ocean. Straight song with good guitar elements.

But we didn’t reach our final destination so far…the „Endless Sea“ keeps us prisoned. A song with acoustic guitars, a sailorman’s ballad. Not a cheesy one, more with tragic touch. Good vocal performance of Tood who proofs us also his quality in slower songs. I think this song would also work good on every campfire in the night.

Closing with „Rock City“. A song that will not really fit to the main concept of the album. But a good straight rock’n roll song for sure. Hard rockin’ guitars with lots of wah wah effects allows to introduce that Sceptor is also albe to play this kind of music. Great but unusual kick off out of „Take Command !“

The music of Sceptor is definetely made for the stages of festivals like the german Keep it True, Swordbrothers or Headbangers Open Air. It is in the line of the good old US heroes like Omen, Attacker or even better Manowar. The choice to give Todd the chance to sing on this album war not the worst decision. His vocals perfectly fit to this kind of music.
Good album, rooted in the past and looking forward of what is coming. Hopefully more feedback out of the battlefields of Mannheim.


Points: 7,5 / 10

Review by Kerbinator