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“Crystal Visions”


SECRET ILLUSION - Change of Time

In power metal many young bands try to step on the path of German bands like Helloween, Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian or to combine those bands with other famous from that sound. Secret Illusion, let us say, make the difference and after the great band from Finland, Twilightning, present their endless love for Stratovarius.

In the second album of their young career, “Change of Time”, we can find several moments from Strato and actually from their best era (from “Dreamspace” to “Visions”). Riffs that you’ve heard of before and melodies on the vocal lines that come from another decade. Also, the smell of songs and great production recalls memories from the decade of the ’90s, when the Greek bands were trying to have this sound.

Now, I think the most important attempt by me, is to present you some songs of the album which express the whole image of the band and doesn’t stand just to Strato. For the first time after… I don’t remember the albums nor the years, I’ve heard one of the best intros ever. “Northern Lights” is an intro whose melodies on keys go deep into the mind and stay there. From this intro I noticed that the band maximized the sound and the melodies of Greek non metal musicians from the distant past, who wanted to explore Mediterranean sounds. This is happening in “Beauty Queen” as well, but I’m not certain if Stefanos Korkolis or Michalis Rakitzis (the main melody in “Point of No Return” is like the one in his song “Forever Yours”) affected them that much.

Two more songs that tend to configure the personal sound of the band in the future are “Winter Poem” and “Words Left Unspoken”. We have to do with songs that touch without prejudice progressive paths and everything become even beautiful. The attempt of the use of the child choir is totally successful and personally I would like to hear more things like this in the next recordings. Think; strong riffs, melodies on piano and vocal lines and the result, a huge lyricism.




  1. Northern Lights
  2. Born Once Again
  3. Point of No Return
  4. Perfect Fantasy
  5. Beauty Queen
  6. Winter Poem
  7. Change of Time
  8. Love Lies
  9. Words Left Forgotten

Release Date:  17 March 2014

Label:  Rising Records

Points:  7 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood



The only thing that curdled me was the vocals. The voice of their new singer sounds to me weak and I think that he needs a lot of work in order to become even stronger and work on his accent a little bit more. In case you ‘ve missed that Mediterranean power metal, this album could accompany you.



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