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SHY - Shy



1. Land of a Thousand Lies
2. So Many Tears
3. Ran out of Time
4. Breathe
5. Blood on the Line
6. Pray
7. Only for the Night
8. Live for me
9. Over You
10. Sanctuary
11. Save Me
12. Union Of souls

release date: October 2011 – Escape Music


Shy is a band from Birmingham and maybe someone of you still know them. I didn’t know them so far. They were in the 80′s, when AOR was big, partly famous. But, like ever, only a few can make it to get really famous…and it doesn’t matter how good the bands are. Also Shy have signed a lot of changes in the past, as many other bands of that time too.

I don’t know how to name this self titled album, cause it is their tenth (I think) in history. Is it a new debut or is it a comeback album ? Anyway…the band made it to release a very good one now.

So with this I ask myself why people didn’t notice the band more earlier.

The actual line up is as follows:

Lee Small (Vocals)
Steve Harris (Lead & Rhythm Guitars)
Roy Davis (Bass)
Joe Basketts (Keyboards)
Bob Richards (Drums)

The opener „And of a thousand lies“ is a real good one. It has all a song needs for you to listen to the complete album wiht joy. Classic, keyboard orientated and a first class Steve Harris, who does’t have to hide behind anyone. In all the album is worked out pretty wonderful and I cannot understand why the band couldn’t reach the rock throne in the 80′s. Also „Ran out of time“ is a nice song with a great refrain. You don’t feel anytime listening to the same thing. The album is varied and never boring and I liked it from the first moment.
„Breath“ is a wonderful power ballad that makes you dream. I ever and ever have to say that rockers do the best ballads. You can’t get enough from this song and especially the ladies will love it. I would like to see the band to realize a video of that song (only a suggestion, guys !).
And then….“Blood on the line“. The best song of the album and it really knocked me out. A cracker itself. Escpecially if you listen to it…LOUD. Well, rock has to be heard loud, but this song is it’s reference. Another highlight is „Live for me“. But cause of the upper class of this album it is difficult to accent single songs to the rest.

People who like AOR and bombastic rock in the line of Journey, Europe and even REO Speedwagon do a right choice with this album. This comeback album completely assured me. It hopefully will find many fans and it definetely shouldn’ be missed in your cd rack. By the way…the album doesn’t breathe the smell and dust of the 80′s. It owns modern playes sounds as it has to be played today. Lee Small’s voice proofs experience and has a big recognition value. Perfect work !
You hear that the guys had fun recording this album and that they really know how to play.
Looking forward to see them live !!


Points: 8 / 10

Review by Angel


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