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First off, let me say "thank you" to a band like this who still plays an honest-to-goodness style of old school metal, even though it isn't popular at all in the United States, their home country. "Wasting Time" is Six Minute Century's sophmore effort, although it has been a five-year wait. 

There are a few tracks I'd like to highlight, including "City of Hope", "Paying Death's Toll", "That Defining Moment" and my personal favorite "The Killing Fields", all worthy tracks of being in your metal rotation for one reason or another. 

The lyrics are refreshing on this CD, dealing with topics not normally touched on. Included are topics such as hurricanes, the occultist Jim Jones and the assault on the compound in Waco, Texas many years ago. There is also some nice guitar and bass work throughout the CD. 

I have two points of contention with this CD. First, the production and/ or mixing is very subpar. I completely understand small budgets, but the production has really hurt this CD. Second, the vocals of Chuck Williams are of very limited range, always being in the upper sphere of high notes. I would like to see crescendos being built instead of starting with high notes, which leaves you nowhere to go.

Overall, this is a good effort, and would certainly receive a higher rating if the production was better. That being said, get out and support this band and others like them!


  1. 1900
  2. City of Hope
  3. Just Remains
  4. The Killing Fields
  5. Baptized in Flames
  6. Paying Deaths Toll
  7. Czardas
  8. Last Days in Paradise
  9. Needhams Point
  10. Defining Moment
  11. Hell's Gate
  12. Wasting Time

Release Date:  15 October 2013

Label:  Nightmare Records

Points:  6,5 / 10

Label:  Nightmare Records






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