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SOFISTICATOR - Camping the Vein



1. Blasphemous Arrival
2. Camping the Vain
3. Burger Hell
4. Total Flatulence War (Beans Attack!)
5. Burn the Steaks on the Fire
6. Ivo the Woodman
7. Holidays in Hell
8. I Wa’ Sborr’ to Rock’n'Roll
9. Sofisticator
10. Thrash & Clean
11. Mantas (the Thrashmaker)

Release Date: 15 March 2012 – EBM Records


Tapping the vein – was an album title of german thrashers Sodom. But now here comes „Camping the Vein“ – the first full length release of italian old school thrashers Sofisiticator. It seems that the band, that was founded in 2009, owns a right sense of humor what song titles like „Burger Hell“, „Total Flatulence War (Beans Attack)“ or the bands pseudonyms like Atomik Bahnhof or Dissosator
suggest. Also the funny but awful album cover underlines this.

But we want to let the music do the talking…

After a short intro, „Blasphemous Arrival“, the italians start directly with the title track. Good hand made old school thrash in the line of Exodus or Venom. Venom, cause the vocals of Disossator is near to Cronos – aggressive and disharmonic. The guitars appear powerful out of the speakers – not a bad production for a debut. Good start.

Following up the above told „Burger Hell“. Straight and brutal barbeque thrash….fast played. Flavored with strong bass lines and a puked refrain. Really…it sounds like Venom on thrash.
Interrupted by a slower Metallica lead and some monstrous sounds and spoken words round it up.

Power guitars riff opens „Total Flatulence War (Beans Attack)“. Uncompromising speed and brutality. Good thrash breaks in between. But I am still waiting for the beans attack. In another guitar solo the guitarists Popi and Baron Roccio show their knowledge – and that is extraordinary good for a new band and their first release. But I awaited some farts in this song or at least in the end….but nothing. Hm….

Next song is for all the barbeque masters of today…..“Burn the Steaks on the Fire“. Slow and heavy riff fires the coal first. Speed attack to follow….good appetite. A four minute song – enough the time a real steak needs to be done. All elements that a speed/thrash song needs are packed into this song. Heavy riffing, blast speed, aggressive vocals. Nothing new but near to the bands favourites.

„Ivo the Woodman“ appears now to the party. Slower song – extremely heavy. Cronos, ähm…Disossator does his best to puke his lung out. But after a minute the song speeds up and becomes another speed/thrash grenade.

Time for „Holidays in Hell“. The band continues their way….not changing their style, less melodies.
Only directly hit to your face. Fastest song so far, no break only a short weird guitar solo. The campground of hell is opened.

A heavy metal guitar theme to start „I Wa’ Sborr’ to Rock’n Roll“. And like the title promises…this song is more rock’n roll. Some Motörhead elements…..with Venom vocals. Dirty, drunk, racing metal. A hymn for the chaos. Ups…a break with a melodic guitar line appears….ballad ? No…only a different facette in the sound of Sofisticator. Nice variety to the songs before.

The band now pays homage to themselves with „Sofisticator“. And they do it in their best way….aggressive, full speed, brutal. Two minute thrash inferno with some street gang shouts.

The next song is not a commercial for laundry detergent….“Thrash & Clean“. Good and evil ? Jackyl and Hide ? Heavy thrash riff again at the beginning. More a midtempo song this time. Based on heavy riffing that brings it again more in the Motörhead corner. But the interspersed speed parts are more Exodus. So we have a mix of thrash and classic dirty metal – and in the end the laundry is clean.

A half minute introduction to „Mantas (The Thrashmaker) ends this album. Cheer up !

„Camping the Vein“ is a good alternative for fans of old school thrash metal whose favourite bands are Exodus, Sodom or even Venom. Ok….Venom fans will complain about the good production but the album is far away from the high polished productions of new thrash metal bands that appear from month to month.
Even though there is nothing really new on this album, I like the combination of thrash metal with Venom vocals that I didn’t hear very often in the past. Good debut that makes me curious of what is coming next !!


Points: 7,5 / 10

Review by Kerbinator



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