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SOLDIERFIELD - Bury the Ones we Love (EP)



1. Bury the Ones we Love
2. Feel Alive
3. Leave You in Dirt
4. Skyflower
5. The Path

Release Date: 29 October 2012 – Metalbox Recordings


This is the first taste of a new band from the UK. Soldierfield were formed in 2011 and their aim is to conquer the world with high energy melodic heavy metal. So far…so good. It’s told that there is coming a full lenght in 2013 and so this appetizer will let us see if it is worth waiting for…

This EP is called „Bury the Ones we Love“…kind of a tragic title.
And it starts with the title track. Short piano intro before the song is heading for a stamping traditional heavy metal song, played in more modern style. Vocalist Leigh Oates owns a good and warm metal voice. Between highly clear and shouting. The music reminds me a bit to Soilwork with high vocals. Harmonies, escpecially in the refrain, combined with speed and even thrash elements let the song getting an interesting one. Good played, easy to listen.

„Feel alive“ grooves in the same style. But based on a harder guitar theme. The guitarists learned their lessons from modern metal bands. As I said before…the music can be described as modern metal like Soilwork or Darkane with more melodic vocals. There is no guitar solo or big break. Straight forward…watching to keep the harmonies alive.

Dirty guitar part…rough played…in the beginning of „Leave you in dirt“. Followed by a big scream.
Leigh’s voice is in the search of Hetfield or Chuck Billy sometimes. That underlines the bands fable for thrash in some moments. Suddenly the song is interrupted by a silent piano/key sequence. But not long and the hardness is back. Smasher !!

With acoustical western guitars starts „Skyflower“. A new and fresh element in the sound of Soldierfield. In this song it shows about the good voice of Leigh if he performs clean. As the electricity in guitars appears the song moves to a rocker like we know it from Nickelback or others.
The guitars do also a good job here. A real wonderful song. Doesn’t really fit to the rest so far but it shows the bands quality to play different styles. Great !!

Heavy riffs to open „The Path“. Uptempo is back. Jeff Singer punches the song forward with amazing drum play. Again the band is shipping more in modern metal waters. Lots of energy…dirty guitars and twin vocal parts. A breeze of epic in modern clothes. Hard, speedy….with a huge melodic factor.

„Bury the Ones we Love“ means a first statement of a new band that is packing good arrangements in a wall of modern metal sounds. Some will aks if there is any need for another band playing that music ? I say…yes, if it is played good as Soldierfield does on their first EP.
What I am missing a bit is the bands unique originality. To earn higher review results that band has to work on that for their first full length.
But cause of their knowledge in playing and songwriting and not at least cause of the amazing „Skyflower“ I will give 7 points here with upward movement.


Points: 7 / 10

Review by Kerbinator



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