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“Colorful Waterfalls of Dreams”



From the early ’90s the Greek black metal scene not only has captured the north and frost feeling of Norway, but also the most bands have managed to take music even further. In paths that no one could ever dream. The progression of black in Greece can be called without fears and prejudices as culture. Zemial, Aenaon, Hail Spirit Noir and Spectral Lore are some of those who see and act beyond what is seen.

Have you ever picked up an album which could be the soundtrack of nature or dreams? Can 88 minutes of music be a spiritual expression of something transcendental? Yes, it can and “III” from Spectral Lore is exactly this soundtrack. The music of this album is not a philosophy, it’s a belief where ambient, progressive and black are becoming one. Ayloss proves to himself more than anyone else, that he has abilities to make the human mind travel outside the fake reality and let it face its real expressions. This is the feeling as a mental product of music.

Singularity and Eternity; two sides where dreams pass from a close place to an open sky. Both sides are overwhelmed by epic black riffs and yet harmonic as well. “The Cold March Towards Eternal Brightness” and “The Spiral Fountain” are expressing definitely the black/fast riffing of luminous mountains where thoughts can travel. And on the other side, “The Veiled Garden”; a doomy blackened silence with acoustic moments that can make you see through fog. As for the vocals of Ayloss… are out of the cosmic sound.

And if the above songs can haunt your soul, the biggest journey, the brightest madness comes in “Drifting through Moss And Ancient Stone”. A majestic field of acoustic progression where strings speak their own lyrics. I could say that in this song there might be an affect from the Canadians Harmonium and their epic song “Histoires Sans Paroles”. After follows the one and only “Cosmic Significance”.




  1. Omphalos
  2. The Veiled Garden
  3. The Cold March towards Eternal Brightness
  4. Drifting through Moss and Ancient Stone


  1. The Spiral Fountain
  2. A Rider through the Lands of an Infinite Dreamscape
  3. Cosmic Significance

Release Date:  02.05.2014

Label: I, Voidhanger Records

Points:  9 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood


Guys the melody of the ambient keys could stop the streaming of the earth and when the guitars bring the peak, we could say that this is the moment when the child touches the eternity, that was never promised to it.

Listen to it even if you don’t like black metal. Trust me, here black metal is under the command of art.



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