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  1. Wise as a Serpent
  2. Turn the Tide
  3. Sweet Magic Pain
  4. Hello Sorrow 
  5. One Man’s Curse
  6. Dreamer
  7. Too Old to Die Young
  8. Kingmaker
  9. Road to Madness
  10. Ead End Town
  11. Freedom Song
  12. Legends Collapse

Release Date: 15 April 2013 – InsideOut Music


“The Right Way to Shine”

A new Spiritual Beggars album could mean two things. An equivalent continuity to “Return to Zero” or a return to a form of sound that the old fans would kill for. So, it’s not wrong to give to “Earth Blues” the description of back to the roots.

From the songs to the production the album sounds as it should be and on the way the members chose it. Even Apollo Papathanasio sings on a way to give the right tone, has a different performance from the posh one of the previous album. He tries something making his voice reaching its limits and in some songs it’s lovely (as in “Hello Sorrow”, “Road to Madness”, “Freedom Song”) while in some parts he sounds not as lively as would like him. But, as it is known for every performer, the stage is the place where showing the real image of the voice.

As every SB album has the songs that make the fans listening to and singing them all the time, the same thing is happening here. From the Hendrix inspired riffing of  ”Turn the Tide” to the melodic lines of “Hello Sorrow”, where Michael Amott proves again that Michael Schenker has led him to create some of the most remarkable melodies in his music. Moreover in the cover SB did in “Dreamer” (Bobby Bland’s song”) Michael plays a solo that leaves a personal sign and simultaneously Per Wiberg makes the song heard like belonging to the band. If you are a huge supporter of Per’s playing then be sure that “Kingmaker” will be one of your favorite songs. It carries an atmosphere of Deep Purple and Urian Heep. 

All the guitar parts, the keyboard parts and the drumming parts are great with no fillers; sharing to the human mind the real heavy rock sound of the first three albums that can make any one of you at anytime wiggling your body, while you are already in the rhythm. And the song that will lead you to the prime time of your dancing is “Too Old to Die Young”. The song that easily is in the top 5 ones in the history of SB. Its riffing, the creamy middle of it and the spurt in the end are a side of perfection. After that you don’t have to ask anything from Michael Amott and his band. Just try to catch them anywhere near by you.

Points: 8 / 10

Review by Dr.Feelgood


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