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DESTRUCTION - Spiritual Genocide

I remember the time when Destruction released their first mini album „Sentence of Death“. Lot of people laughed about the music and the outfit of the three persons with all their bullet belts on leather. People were not ripe for Destruction….Now 30 years later the band is part of the german thrash kingdom and their first releases are thrash classics meanwhile that persist the test of time.

Now in 2012 the band release their anniversary album „Spiritual Genocide“. And again they fire their thrash grenades in highest quality around our ears.
It doesn’t matter if you listen to pure thrash anthems like „Cyanide“ or speed attacks like the title track. All is done with enormous routine and musical knowledge. Schmier performs dirty and angry as ever. A little slower tracks like „Renegades“ or Overkill orientated US thrash vibes like in „City of Doom“ (partly sung in german language)…Destruction knows it all and deserve us an exciting, diversified thrash jewel.

A real highlight of the album is „To Dust you will Decay“. Some doom elements in the beginning and a cool refrain let the song become a real midtempo thrash hymn. Hard, full of power…chartbreaker.
„Legacy of the Past“ appears with some guestst the band invited for their birthday thrash party. „Carnivore“ points with some weird vocal parts and excellent guitar arrangements supported by a killer drumwork. Finally with „Riot Squad“ and „Under violent sledge“ we find some thrash traditionals that round up another great Destruction album that will take place in the higher regions of the Destruction discography.

Happy birthday Destruction, happy birthday butcher….and for sure…the artwork with the thorn crown and the crosslinen will split the metal world and the upholders of moral standards.




  1. Exordium
  2. Cyanide
  3. Spiritual Genocide
  4. Renegades
  5. City of Doom
  6. No Signs of Repantance
  7. To Dust you will Decay
  8. Legacy of the Past
  9. Carnivore
  10. Riot Squad
  11. Under Violent Sledge

Release Date:  23 November 2012

Label:  Nuclear Blast

Points:  8 / 10

Review by Kerbinator



Destruction proof again that they belong to the top of the german and also international thrash league. Cheers !!!

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