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STEVE VAI - The Story of Light



1. The Story Of Light
2. Velorum
3. John The Revelator
4. Book Of The Seven Seals
5. Creamsicle Sunset
6. Gravity Storm
7. Mullach A’tSi
8. The Moon And I
9. Weeping China Doll
10. Racing The World
11. No More Amsterdam
12. Sunshine Electric Raindrops

Release Date: 14 August 2012 – Favored Nations



“Spiritual Healing”

It’s always good for everyone listening to albums from the man named Steve Vai. You may listen to doom, thrash or anything else, but an album from this guitarist may give you a different satisfaction. His album can travel you anywhere by using your mind. Not only you learn the songs easily, but also you can relax by hearing his guitar speaking on its own language.

I’m not going to say whether “The Story of Light” is better than previous albums or not, but the pleasure I get every time I listen to it makes me be certain that I’m not going to leave it. It contains all the basic elements of Steve and for one more time he reveals his love for blues. “John the Revelator” is one of the best african – blues songs that have been written in the last two decades. Although I cannot hide you that sometimes I think that a guest appearance of David Coverdale in it would make it the perfect one. In “Creamsicle Sunset” you will also find some blues elements on his playing, despite the peaceful character of that instrumental.

His classic heavy – instrumental style is in “Gravity Storm”, “Weeping China Doll” and “Racing the World”. Do not try to think if he has written better songs from those in the past, because you will not get pleased at all. Steve has no object to prove something by them. He loves synthesizing songs on his guitar and as he said somewhere “Playing music is the right that all people have from the time they born and all should do that”.

Beyond the above elements you can also find his prog harmonies in the two best songs of the album according to me. In “The Moon And I” apart from his playing, he also sings and he does it excellent. The bass by Philip Bynoe is perfect like is being derived from songs of the ’70s and the Lady of Steve with her six strings sings so pretty that no one can resist it. The other song is “No More Amsterdam”, a normal prog song with acoustic guitar parts and there is the participation of Aimee Mann and thus the song becomes better.

My relationship with this album started by looking to its artwork and it’s not the first time I’m doing something like this. I’m not telling you to have a look to its cover, but trust me that you will find many interesting songs that you are going to listen to them in anytime of your daily life.


Points:   8 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood



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